Freight Train Boogie Podcasts
A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.

Show #507  (Best of 2021)

Billy Strings - Heartbeat Of America  (Renewal) (inst bed)

Sierra Ferrell - Far Away Across The Sea (Long Time Coming)

John R. Miller - Motor's Fried (Depreciated)

The Flatlanders - Moanin' of the Midnight Train (Treasure of Love)

Jackson Browne - Until Justice Is Real (Downhill From Everywhere)

(mic break)

Watchhouse - New Star (Watchhouse)

Allison Russell - Persephone  (Outside Child)

Bill and the Belles - Happy Again (I'll Never Be) (Happy Again)

Mike And The Moonpies - The Vein  (One To Grow On)

Malcolm Holcombe - Shaky Ground  (Tricks of the Trade)

(mic break)

Melissa Carper - Back When (Daddy's Country Gold)

Tim O'Brien - When You Pray (Move Your Feet)  (He Walked On)

John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band - Long Black Electric Cadillac  (Leftover Feelings)

James McMurtry - Decent Man (The Horses and the Hounds)

(mic break)

J.D. Crowe & The New South - Some Old Day


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Show #506, 2021 Christmas Show


Les Paul and Mary Ford - White Christmas  


The Kentucky Headhunters - Let's All Get Together and Fight  (That's A Fact Jack)

Pistol Annies - Hell of a Holiday  (Hell of a Holiday)

Dennis J. Leise - Good Old Santa Claus Drank a Bit Too Much Last Night  (single)

Boo Ray - Christmas Card  (single)

(mic break)

We Banjo 3 - Christmas in Prison  (A Winter Wonderful) 

The Christmas Jug Band - Christmas On The Moon  (single)

Billy Briggs With String Band - North Pole Boogie  (A Rootin' Tootin' Santa)

Laura Cantrell & Michael Shelley - Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus  (single)

Lainey Wilson - Christmas Cookies  (single)

(mic break)

Norah Jones - You're Not Alone  (I Dream Of Christmas)  

Swamp Dogg - Old Fashion Country Christmas  (An Awful Christmas and a Lousy New Year)

Amanda Shires - Gone For Christmas  (For Christmas)

The Boxmasters - Christmas In California  (Christmas In California)

Lucinda Williams - Run Rudolph Run  (Have Yourself A Rockin' Little Christmas)

(mic break)

The Monkees - Snowfall   (Christmas Party)

Mike Farris - Havana Santa  (single)

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Show #505


Rodney Crowell - Heavenly Day  (Songs From Quarantine Vol. 2)

Jaime Wyatt - Need Shelter  (Highway Butterfly: The Songs of

Neal Casal)

Leftover Salmon -  We’ll Get By (Brand New Good Old Days)

The Steel Wheels - Time Is All I Need (Everyone A Song: Vol. Two)

(mic break)

Gurf Morlix - Blood On The Page (The Tightening of the Screws)

Dar Williams - Today and Every Day (I'll Meet You Here) 

Travis Linville - Blue Sky Bound  (I'm Still Here)  

William Bell - Check Out My Karma (Songs From Quarantine Vol. 2)

Marcus King - No One Above You  (Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal)

(mic break)

Kiely Connell - The Blues That Really Burn (Calumet Queen)

Hank Erwin - Daddy Laughed (The Copper Album)

Will Rainier And The Pines - Tethered to the World  (Tethered to the World)

Stash - Queen Of The Highway  (Walk The Walk)

(mic break)

Steve Earle - Highway Butterfly (Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal)

Shelby Lynne - Is There Any Love Left? (Songs From Quarantine Vol. 2)

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Show #504


Margo Cilker -  That River (Pohorylle)

Charles Wesley Godwin - Temporary Town  (
How the Mighty Fall)

Desert Hollow - Take Me Back To Nowhere (

Mike Younger - Ragtime Angel  (
Burning The Bigtop Down)

(mic break)

Billy Bragg - Should Have Seen It Coming  (
Million Things That Never Happened)

Asleep at the Wheel - There You Go Again (
Half A Hundred Years) 

Oliver Wood - Kindness  (
Always Smilin')

Margo Cilker
- Brother, Taxman, Preacher (Pohorylle)

Charles Wesley Godwin
- Lyin’ Low (How the Mighty Fall)

(mic break)

JP Harris’ Dreadful Wind and Rain - Wild Bill Jones  (
Don't You Marry No Railroad Man) 

Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers - Punk Rock Retirement Plan (


Hayes Carll - Nice Things (You Get It All)

Carolyn Wonderland - Honey Bee (
Tempting Fate) 

Jeremy Pinnell - Doing My Best (
Goodbye L.A.)

(mic break)

Charles Wesley Godwin - Over Yonder (How the Mighty Fall)

Margo Cilker - Tehachapi   (Pohorylle)

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Show #502

Sean Devine - I’m Free (Here For It All)

Megan & Shane - Alone (Daughter of Country)

Trae Sheehan - Unread Letters (Hello From The End Of The World)

Joshua Ray Walker - Three Strikes (See You Next Time) 

(mic break)

Jenner Fox - Buffalo  (Planet I'm From)

Ben Stalets - Maybe Love's Not All We Need (Everybody's Laughing)

Maggie Rose - What Are We Fighting For (Have A Seat)

Colin Linden - Until the Heat Leaves Town  (bLOW)

Grayson Jenkins - Low Down Lady (Turning Tides)

(mic break)

Taylor McCall - So Damn Lucky (Black Powder Soul) 

Sara Trunzo - Nashville Time (Cabin Fever Dream)

Joe Troop - The Rise of Dreama Caldwell (Borrowed Time) 

Charley Crockett - Round This World (Music City USA)

(mic break)

Gordie Tentrees - Train Is Gone (Mean Old World) 

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Show #501

Mark Germino - Lightning Don't Always Strike The Tallest Tree (Midnight Carnival)

(mic break)

Tré Burt - I Cannot Care (You, Yeah, You)

AJ Lee and Blue Summit - Lemons and Tangerines  (I'll Come Back)

Maynard and The Musties - (I Guess You Still Hate) I'm Still In Love With You Today (Grown-up Things)

Riddy Arman - Half A Heart Keychain (Riddy Arman)

Tony Kamel - Heat (Back Down Home)

(mic break)

Eric Bibb - Whole Lotta Lovin' (Featuring Ron Carter)  (Dear America) 

Walt Wilkins - Time To Move On (Pedernales)

Kelsey Waldon - Mississippi Goddam (They'll Never Keep Us Down)

Paul Thorn - Here We Go (Never Too Late to Call)

(mic break)

Courtney Granger - Warm Red Wine (Beneath Still Waters)
Riddy Arman - Barbed Wire (Riddy Arman)
Tony Kamel - Let It Slide (Back Down Home)

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Show #500

Summer Dean - Blue Jean Country Queen  (Bad Romantic)

Tim Easton - You Don't Really Know Me   (You Don't Really Know Me)

Tom T. Hall - A Week In A Country Jail

James McMurtry - Canola Fields  (The Horses and the Hounds)

(mic break)

Dori Freeman - Almost Home (Ten Thousand Roses)  

The Furious Seasons - Is This Happening  (Home All Day, Home All Night)

Nanci Griffith - Banks of the Pontchartrain (The Last of the True Believers)

Craig Cardiff - All This Time Running (All This Time Running)

Sierra Ferrell - In Dreams  (Long Time Coming)

(mic break)

The Everly Brothers - Somebody Nobody Knows  (Pass The Chicken & Listen)

Sturgill Simpson - One In the Saddle, One On the Ground  (The Ballad of Dood and Juanita)

Watchhouse - Upside Down (Watchhouse)

Shinyribs - Working Woman (Late Night TV Gold)

Malcolm Holcombe - Money Train  (Tricks of the Trade)

(mic break)

Teddy Thompson and Jenni Muldaur - It’s So Sweet (Teddy & Jenni do George & Tammy)

Bobby Bare - That's How I Got to Memphis 

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Show #498

Jesse Daniel - Simple Things (Beyond These Walls)

Cristina Vane - What Remains  (Nowhere Sounds Lovely)

Southern Culture On The Skids - Where Is The Moon (At Home With...)

Rodney Crowell - Something Has to Change (Triage)

(mic break)

Robin & Linda Williams - A Better Day A-Coming  (A Better Day A-Coming)

Dallas Burrow - Country Girl  (Dallas Burrow)

Sensational Country Blues Wonders -  When Your Heart Is Blue (World Will Break Your Heart)

Cristina Vane - Blueberry Hill (Nowhere Sounds Lovely)

Jesse Daniel - Living in the Great Divide (Beyond These Walls)

(mic break)

Steve Dawson - Forgiveness Is Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be  (At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree)

Shannon McNally - Out Among the Stars (The Waylon Sessions)

Kyle Lalone - Not Gonna Drink Over You (Somewhere in Between)

The Flatlanders - Mama Does the Kangaroo (Treasure of Love)

Wild Earp & the Free For Alls - Livin' The Life (Dyin' For Easy Livin') 

(mic break)

Cristina Vane - Prayer For The Blind (Nowhere Sounds Lovely)

Jesse Daniel - Texas Summer Night (Beyond These Walls)

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Show #496


Vincent Neil Emerson - Texas Moon (Vincent Neil Emerson)

K.C. Jones - Heat Rises   (Queen of the In Between)  

Andrew Grimm - Uh Huh  (A Little Heat)  

Hannah Juanita - Call Yourself My Man  (Hardliner)

(mic break)

Diana Jones - We Believe You (Song To A Refugee)

Tim O'Brien - I Breathe In  (He Walked On) 

Possessed By Paul James -  I Didn't Know You When  (As We Go Wandering)

Vincent Neil Emerson - High On The Mountain (Vincent Neil Emerson)

K.C. Jones - Beginnings And Ends (Queen of the In Between)

(mic break)

Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra - My Heart and Soul (on Love)  (Migrants)

Cole Quest and The City Pickers - The Bitcoin Gambler  (Self [En]Titled)

Jeffrey Foucault - Money Blues (Deadstock: Uncollected Recordings)

Travis Linville - I’m Still Here (I'm Still Here)

Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale - How Will I Know  (A Sweet Relief Tribute To Joey Spampinato)

(mic break)

K.C. Jones - Queen Of The In Between (Queen of the In Between)

Vincent Neil Emerson - Durango (Vincent Neil Emerson)

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Show #495


Turner Cody and the Soldiers of Love - Lonely Days in Hollywood  (Friends in High Places)

Jenny Don't And The Spurs - Lonely Days in Hollywood  (Fire on the Ridge)

Cej - Honey On The Mind (Friend Of The Sky)  

Oliver Wood - Fine Line (Always Smilin')

(mic break)

Cole Chaney - Another Day in the Life  (Mercy)

Rachel Baiman - Joke's On Me  (Cycles)


Mac Leaphart - Blame On The Bottle (Music City Joke)

Turner Cody and the Soldiers of Love - Friends in High Places
(Friends in High Places)

Jenny Don't And The Spurs - California Cowboy
(Fire on the Ridge)

(mic break)

Danny Burns - Many Moons Ago   (Hurricane) 

Ian George  - Post-Corona  (single)

Shemekia Copeland - Walk Until I Ride (Uncivil War)

The High Hawks - Talk About That  (The High Hawks) 

Graham Sharp - Generation Blues
 (Graham Sharp)

(mic break)

Turner Cody and the Soldiers of Love - Boozing and Losing
(Friends in High Places)

Jenny Don't And The Spurs - Restless Moon
(Fire on the Ridge)

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Show #494


Britton Patrick Morgan - I Wanna Start A Band  (I Wanna Start A Band)

Margo Price - Long Live The King  (single)

Adam Wright - Rhymes With Bucket  (I Win)

Steve Almaas - The Way I Treated You  (Everywhere You've Been) 

(mic break)

Abigail Dowd - Beautiful Day (Beautiful Day) 

Jason Eady - Back to Normal  (single)

This Frontier Needs Heroes - Dumb It Down (Go With The Flow)

Zach Schmidt - Go My Way (Raise A Banner) 

Britton Patrick Morgan - Bad Tom Smith  (I Wanna Start A Band)

(mic break)

Tony Joe White - Smoke From The Chimney (Smoke From The Chimney)

Allison Russell - 4th Day Prayer  (Outside Child)  

Waylon Payne - Sins of the Father (Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me)

Hank & Ella With The Fine Country Band - It's Only Money  (Good At Being Lonely)

(mic break)

Britton Patrick Morgan - Time Just Goes Away (ft. Darrell Scott) (I Wanna Start A Band)

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Show #493

Chad Elliott - Crimson Queen  (Singing River)

Charlie Marie - 40 Miles From Memphis  (Ramble On)

Justin Wells - Temporary Blue (The United State)

John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band - Mississippi Phone Booth (Leftover Feelings)

(mic break)

Rod Picott - River Runs  (Wood, Steel, Dust & Dreams) 

Desert Hollow - Thirsty (Thirsty)

Gasoline Lollipops - Bound For Glory (All The Misery Money Can Buy)

Chad Elliott - Wildman  (Singing River)

Charlie Marie - Soul Train  (Ramble On)

(mic break)

Andy Johnson - Wisteria Bloom  (Help Yourself)

Bill and the Belles - People Gonna Talk   (Happy Again)  

Maria Muldaur with Tuba Skinny - Let's Get Happy Together  (Let's Get Happy Together)

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band - Too Cool To Dance (Dance Songs for Hard Times)

(mic break)

Chad Elliott - Evergreen  (Singing River)

Charlie Marie - Daddy  (Ramble On)

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Show #492

Ted Russell Kamp - The Spark (Solitaire)

Amy Speace - Hallelujah Train (There Used to Be Horses Here) 

Danny Barnes - Awful Strange (Man on Fire)

Leftover Salmon -  Brand New Good Old Days (Brand New Good Old Days)

(mic break)

Todd Snider - Sail on, My Friend  (First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder) 

Carsie Blanton - Be Good (Love and Rage)

Sam Morrow - Wicked Woman  (Gettin' By on Gettin' Down)  

Ted Russell Kamp - My Girl Now (Solitaire)

Amy Speace - Shotgun Hearts  (There Used to Be Horses Here)

(mic break)

Sturgill Simpson - Hobo Cartoon  (Cuttin' Grass, Vol. 2 (The Cowboy Arms Sessions)

McKain Lakey - Crush on You  (Somewhere)

Justin Wells - It'll All Work Out  (The United State)

West Of Texas - Darlin' How You've Changed  (Heartache, Hangovers & Honky Tonks)  

The Shootouts -   I Don't Think About You Anymore  (Bullseye)

(mic break)

Amy Speace - Give Me Love (There Used to Be Horses Here)

Ted Russell Kamp - Path Of Least Resistance (Solitaire)

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Show #491


Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay - They Tore the Cabin Down (April in Your Eyes - A Tribute to the Songs of John Lilly) 

The Brother Brothers - On The Road Again  (Calla Lily) 

The Mastersons - In The Name Of God  (Red, White & I Love You Too)

The Pink Stones - Let's Sit Down (Introducing...The Pink Stones) 

(mic break)

Jamie Lin Wilson -  T Total Tommy  (single) 

Mando Saenz - Cautionary Tale  (All My Shame) 

Rusty Young - Listen To Your Heart  (Listen To Your Heart)

Garrison Starr - The Train That's Bound for Glory  (Girl I Used to Be)

Bill Kirchen - Tore Up From The Floor Up  (April in Your Eyes - A Tribute to the Songs of John Lilly)

(mic break)

Eli West - Tapered Point of Stone  (Tapered Point of Stone) 

Sunny War - A Love So True  (Simple Syrup)

Chicago Farmer - Dirtiest Uniforms  (Flyover Country)

Jay Gonzalez - You Make It Hard (To Be Unhappy) (Back to the Hive)

Parker Millsap - The Real Thing (Be Here Instead)

(mic break)

John Lilly - These Songs  (April in Your Eyes)

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Show #490

Queen Esther - The Whiskey Wouldn't Let Me Pray (Gild the Black Lily)

AJ Fullerton - Healing Takes Time 9The Forgiver and the Runaway)  

David Myles - Home  (Leave Tonight)

Dallas Moore - The Rain (The Rain)

(mic break)

Hope Dunbar - Woman Like Me (Sweetheartland)  

John Smith - Eye To Eye (The Fray)

Swamp Dogg - Please Let Me Go Round Again (with John Prine)  (Sorry You Couldn't Make It)

AJ Fullerton - Remind Me Who I Am Again (The Forgiver and the Runaway)

Queen Esther - The Black Cowgirl Song (Gild the Black Lily)

(mic break)

Joe Pug - Deep End (The Diving Sun)

Brigitte DeMeyer - Salt of the Earth   (Seeker)

The White Buffalo - Come On Shorty  (On The Widow's Walk)

Maynard and The Musties - Mona Lisa Of Guitar Town (Grown-up Things)

Lyman Ellerman - That's All I Know   (This Just In)

(mic break)

Queen Esther - Oleander (Gild the Black Lily)

AJ Fullerton - Hook's in the Water (The Forgiver and the Runaway)

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Show #289


Esther Rose - How Many Times  (How Many Times)

Melissa Carper - Makin' Memories  (Daddy's Country Gold) 

Kyle Lalone - Our Love (Somewhere in Between)

Geoffrey Miller - Couldn't Think Outside The Jukebox  (All Night Honky Tonk Man)

(mic break)

Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno - Biding All My Time (Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno

Forest Sun - Stubborn Breathing Heart  (Stubborn Breathing Heart)

Caleb Caudle - Feelin' Free  (Better Hurry Up)

Esther Rose - My Bad Mood (How Many Times)

Melissa Carper - Would You Like To Get Some Goats  (Daddy's Country Gold)

(mic break)

Son of the Velvet Rat - 11 & 9  (Solitary Company)

Laura Cantrell - Radio For Heartache  (single)

Strung Like a Horse - Till The Wheels Fall Off  (Whoa!)

Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird - Sweet Oblivion  (These 13)

Southern Culture On The Skids - Call Me  (At Home With Southern Culture On The Skids)

(mic break)

Melissa Carper - I Almost Forgot About You  (Daddy's Country Gold)

Esther Rose - Songs Remain (How Many Times)


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Show #388


Domenic Cicala - I Want Out  (Come On Over)

Sara Petite - Feeling Like An Angel  (Rare Bird) 

Western Terrestrials - Space Cowboy's Got The Blues (Back in the Saddle of a Fever Dream)

Anthony Presti - Fight the Good Fight  (Different Places)

(mic break)

Olivia Ellen Lloyd- Loose Cannon  (Loose Cannon) 

Adeem the Artist - I Wish You Would've Been A Cowboy  (Cast Iron Pansexual)

Jackson Emmer -  I Don't Want This (Job Interview Song)  (Alpine Coda)

Elizabeth Cook - Stanley by God Terry  (Aftermath)

Jim Keller -  Easy Rider (By No Means)

(mic break)

David Huckfelt - Better To See The Face (Room Enough, Time Enough)  

Charley Crockett - Midnight Run  (10 for Slim: Charley Crockett Sings James Hand)

Bottle Rockets - Knotty Pine (Bit Logic)

Rachel Brooke -  Great Mistake (The Loneliness in Me) 

Jason Ringenberg - Before Love and War (Rhinestoned) 

(mic break)

Gene Taylor Blues Band with Dave Alvin - Drunk (Those Lonely, Lonely Nights)

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Show #487 

Bobby Dove - Chance in Hell (Hopeless Romantic)

The Barlow - Fixin' to Run  (Horseshoe Lounge) 

Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen - Am FM   (Hold my Beer, vol. 2)

John Paul Keith - Love Love Love (The Rhythm of the City)

(mic break)

Spencer Burton - Memories We Won't Soon Forget  (Coyote)

Pony Bradshaw - Calico Jim  (Calico Jim)

Chelsea Williams - Fffun   (Beautiful and Strange)

The Barlow - Horseshoe Lounge (Horseshoe Lounge)

Bobby Dove - Hopeless Romantic  (Hopeless Romantic)

(mic break)

David Olney and Anana Kay - My Favorite Goodbye  (Whispers And Sighs)

Jeffrey Foucault -There's a Destruction on This Land  (Deadstock: Uncollected Recordings 2005-2020) 

Andrew Grimm - The Machine  (A Little Heat)  

Olivia Ellen Lloyd - Excuse Yourself  (Loose Cannon)  

Ross Cooper - Cowboy Picture Show (Chasing Old Highs)  

(mic break)

Bobby Dove - My World's Getting Smaller  (Hopeless Romantic)

The Barlow - Part of the Band (Horseshoe Lounge)

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Show #486

Rodney Crowell - She's Back In Town (Songs From Quarantine)
Leeann Athertron - Cheater's Game  (Fallen Angel)
Eric Brace & Last Train Home - Sleepy Eyes   (Daytime Highs and Overnight Lows)
JP Harris - Take off Your Tin Foil Hat  (single)
(mic break)
Krista Shows - Prone To Wander (Prone to Wander)
Sensational Country Blues Wonders -  I'm Afraid Of Every Goddamn Thing (World Will Break Your Heart)  
Jesse Daniel - If You Ain't Happy Now (You Never Will Be) (Rollin' On)
Saugeye - One Leg At A Time  (Saugeye)
John Hiatt - Goin' Back To Nashville (Songs From Quarantine)
(mic break)
Beth Lee - Four Letter Name (Waiting on You Tonight)
Jeff Plankenhorn - Murder of Crows (single)
The Danberrys - The Mountain (feat. Darrell Scott)  (Shine)
Lucky 757 - Common Ground (single)
Mac Leaphart - That Train (Music City Joke) 
(mic break)
Ry Cooder - Baby Started Wearing Her Mask (Songs From Quarantine)

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Show #485

Hardened and Tempered - Hold The Line  (Hold the Line) 

Cej - Creature's Blues  (Friend Of The Sky)

Reckless Kelly - Lonesome On My Own  (American Jackpot/American Girls)

William Elliot Whitmore - My Mind Can Be Cruel to Me  (I'm  With You)

(mic break)

Lowstar Rodeo - Fish Don't Bite  (Home Sweet Nowhere)

Willis Pickem - Daniel in the Lion's Den  Pickin' and Grinnin' with Willis Pickem)

Twisted Pine - Well, You Can Do It Without Me  (Right Now) 

Keith Greeninger - She Moves Me  (Human Citizen)

Hardened and Tempered - Beer Bottles And Broken Hearts (Hold the Line)

(mic break)

Juliet McConkey - The Deep End  (Disappearing Girl)

Waylon Payne - All The Trouble  (Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me)

Logan Ledger - (I’m Gonna Get Over This) Some Day  (Logan Ledger)

Jeff Tweedy - Opaline   (Love is the King) 

(mic break)

Hardened and Tempered - Crossroads (Hold the Line)

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Show #484


Robert Sarazin Blake - A Margin of Millions (You're Fired!)  (single)

Kelsey Waldon - The Law Is For Protection Of The People  (They'll Never Keep Us Down)

The Band of Heathens - Truth Is  (Stranger)

Justin Wells - Walls Fall Down  (The United State)

(mic break)

John Fogerty - Weeping In The Promised Land  (single)

Eliza Gilkyson - Promises To Keep  (2020)  

Silas J. Dirge - Wolf in Sheep's Clothes  (The Poor Devil)

Drive-By Truckers - Tough To Let Go  (The New OK)

Hiss Golden Messenger - Sanctuary  (single)  

(mic break)

Caitlin Canty - Where is the Heart of My Country  (single)

Tyler Childers - Long Violent History  (Long Violent History)

Old Crow Medicine Show - Pray For America  (single)  

Jeremy Garrett - The World Keeps Turning Around  (Circles)

(mic break)

The Avett Brothers - This Land Is Your Land  (single)

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