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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
FTB show #135 with Kenny Vaughan, Lydia Loveless, James Justin & The Milk Carton Kids

FTB podcast #135 features the new album by KENNY VAUGHAN called simply V.  Also new music from JAMES JUSTINLYDIA LOVELESS and THE MILK CARTON KIDS.  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #135

KENNY VAUGHAN - Country Music Got a Hold on Me (V)

MARYBETH D’AMICO -   The Darkest Day (The Light Inside)

MICHAEL FRACASSO - Ada, OK  (Saint Monday)

JAMES JUSTIN & CO. - Gone Daddy Gone  (Dark Country)

(mic break)

THE MILK CARTON KIDS - Undress the World  (Prologue)

SLAID CLEAVES - Hard To Believe  (Sorrow & Smoke: Live at The Horseshoe Lounge)

THE SWEETBACK SISTERS - Love Me, Honey, Do  (Looking for a Fight)

KENNY VAUGHAN - Hot Like That (V)

(mic break)

RODNEY PARKER & 50 PESO REWARD - Firefight (Live In The Living Room)

BROTHERS THROUGH THE HILL - 66 Miles  (Adelaide)

LYDIA LOVELESS - Can't Change Me (Indestructible Machine)

MARK JUNGERS - Can't Take It With You  (More Like A Good Dog Than A Bad Cat)

SWAMPBOOTS - Jitka (Everything Ends, Nothing Ends Well)

(mic break)

KENNY VAUGHAN - Okolona Tennessee (V)

(Sept. 29th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB Show #134 with Brigitte DeMeyer, Alexi Murdock, Nicki Bluhm and The Wood Brothers

FTB podcast #134 features the new album by BRIGITTE DeMEYER called Rose of Jericho.  Also new music from NICKI BLUHMALEXI MURDOCK and THE WOOD BROTHERS.  The full playlist is posted below.  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #134

BRIGITTE DeMEYER -  One Wish  (Rose Of Jericho)

DONAL HINELY - The Famous Rocket Cage (The Famous Rocket Cage)

WOOLDRIDGE BROTHERS - This Rain  (Days Went Around)

THE CORNELL HURD BAND - Heavy Breathing  (Big State, Long Road)

(mic break)

ALEXI MURDOCK - At Your Door (Towards The Sun)

LAUREN SHERA - The Panic Bell  (Once I Was A Bird)

THE WOOD BROTHERS - Mary Anna (Smoke Ring Halo)

BRIGITTE DeMEYER - Say Big Poppa (Rose Of Jericho)

(mic break)

HOUSTON JONES - Three Things (Queen of Yesterday)

THE LOVELL SISTERS - Time to Grow (Time to Grow)

THE WILDERNESS OF MANITOBA - Hardship Acres (You Left the Fire)

NICKI BLUHM - Carousel  (Driftwood)

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE - Maybe Baby (Rave on Buddy Holly)

(mic break)

BRIGITTE DeMEYER - This Fix I’m In  (Rose Of Jericho)

MARK WEHNER - (You Better Run) As Fast As You Can  (Wait... I Wasn’t Finished)

(Sept. 21st, 2011)

Bill Frater

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Freight Train Boogie new releases video #11 features some of the better new Americana releases for September 2011 including Ry Cooder, Connie Smith, Robert Earl Keen, The Jayhawks & others

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FTB Show #133 with Eric Hisaw, Connie Smith, Guy Clark and Driftwood Fire

FTB podcast #133 features the new album by ERIC HISAW called Ghost Stories.  Also new music from CONNIE SMITH, GUY CLARK and DRIFTWOOD FIRE.  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #133

ERIC HISAW - Ghost Stories (Ghost Stories)

MUSIKANTO - Every Which Way  (Sky of Dresses)

MARE WAKEFIELD - Folk Songs (the Recession Song)  (Meant To Be)

DARDEN SMITH - Make It Back To You (Marathon)

(mic break)

DEHLIA LOW - Ride (Ravens & Crows)

GUY CLARK - Maybe I Can Paint Over That (Songs and Stories)

ALELA DIANE & WILD DIVINE - Many Colors  (Alela Diane & Wild Divine)

ERIC HISAW - Don't Live There Anymore (Ghost Stories)

(mic break)

CONNIE SMITH - Blue Heartaches (Long Line of Heartaches)

FLATBED HONEYMOON - Iron Rails (The Traveler)

STEVE DAWSON - The Time It Takes  (Nightshade)

DAWES - Coming Back To A Man  (Nothing Is Wrong)

DRIFTWOOD FIRE - One Thing Left   (How To Untangle A Heartache)

(mic break)

ERIC HISAW - Payphone (Ghost Stories)

(Sept. 14th, 2011)

Bill Frater

Freight Train Boogie

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FTB Show #132 with Arty Hill, Bottle Rockets, Michael O'Connor, Dead Man Winter, Claudia Nygaard

FTB podcast #132 features the new album by ARTY HILL called Another Lost Highway.  Also new music from BOTTLE ROCKETSMICHAEL O’CONNOR and CLAUDIA NYGAARD.  

Show #132

ARTY HILL - Roll Me A Song  (Another Lost Highway)

GWENDOLYN - Discover Me (Bright Light)

ERIC HANKE -  Been Knocked Down (Factory Man)

DEAD MAN WINTER - Wasteland  (Bright Lights)

(mic break)

MICHAEL O’CONNOR - Rough Side (Devil Stole The Moon)

BOTTLE ROCKETS - Smokin' 100's Alone (Not So Loud- An Acoustic Evening)

AMY BLACK - Stay (One Time)

ARTY HILL - King Of That Thing  (Another Lost Highway)

(mic break)

ERIN McDERMOTT - Going Home (Time to Go)

WAGONS - Moon Into The Sun (Rumble, Shake and Tumble)

RICH DEANS - Livin' In The World Today  (Livin' In The World Today)

CLAUDIA NYGAARD - Twelve Little Red Heartaches  (Let The Storm Roll In)

ROBERT EARL REED - White Angel (Carlene)

(mic break)

ARTY HILL - Victoria's Secret Is Safe With Me (Another Lost Highway)

(Sept. 7th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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