Freight Train Boogie Podcasts
A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.

Show #334


Paul Burch - Cadillacin’  (Meridian Rising)

Lindi Ortega - Ashes  (Faded Gloryville)

John Aulabaugh -  Road Less Traveled (Of Sins Present and Past)

Joey Kneiser - For The Good Life (The Wildness)

(mic break)

Bourbon Express - Which Wine Goes with My Heartache (One Big Losin’ Streak)

Jon Hatchett Band - Four in One Woman (Jon Hatchett Band)

Frank Martin Gilligan - Til It Don't Hurt Anymore (Silver Dollar)

Paul Burch - US Rte 49  (Meridian Rising)

(mic break)

Simon Linsteadt -  Time & Again (Simon Linsteadt)

Yonder Mountain String Band – I'm Lost  (Black Sheep)

Vicky Emerson -  Under My Skin Wake Me Up (When The Wind Dies Down)

Adam Klein - Radar Man  (Archer’s Arrow)

Jefferson Grizzard - Give Me A Sign  (Daydream Of Hope)

(mic break)

Paul Burch -  If I Could Only Catch My Breath  (Meridian Rising)


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Freight Train Boogie Show #333

Show #333


Birds Of Chicago -  Dim Star of the Palisades (Real Midnight)

Bob Woodruff - The Year We Tried To Kill The Pain  (The Year We Tried To Kill The Pain)

Ocean Carolina - Cry Baby Cry (Maudlin Days)

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Heal Me  (Sidelong)

(mic break)

Eric Brace & Peter Cooper - C&O Canal (C&O Canal)

Jessi McNeal - Runaway Horse  (Promised Land)

Chuck Johnson and CharlyHorse - Buddha (Barb Wire)

Birds Of Chicago - Remember Wild Horses  (Real Midnight)

(mic break)

Violet Delancey – When the Clock Strikes Midnight  (When the Clock Strikes Midnight)

Kevin Gordon - Church On Time  (Long Gone Time)

David Newbould & the Stowaways -  Standing At The Crossroads Too Long (The Devil Is His Name)

Jack Kerowax -  Violet  (Kerowax)

(mic break)

Birds Of Chicago - Time and Times  (Real Midnight)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #332

Show #332


Dori Freeman - You Say (Dori Freeman)

Stephen Kellogg - Always Gonna Want You   (South, West, North, East)

The Roseline - A Children's Game (Townie)

Grant Peeples and the Peeples Republik - Breakfast in the Gulag 
 (A Congress Of Treasons)

Alex Dezen - This Is The last Song (I'll Ever Write On This Guitar)  (Alex Dezen)

Love Love Murderpedia  (Love Love)

Lance Canales - Hich-Wyah Man  (The Blessing And The Curse)

Dori Freeman - Go On Livin' (Dori Freeman)

(mic break)

Tami Neilson - Cry Over You (Dynamite!)

Cody Jinks - Load and Heavy (Adobe Sessions)

Chuck Snow -  Bad Habits  (Death Comes for Ella Mae Pixley)

Henry Wagons - Head Or Heart  (After What I Did Last Night)

(mic break)

Gin Palace Jesters -  God Bless The Drinkin' Songs  (For Better Or For Worse)

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard - It's All Going To Pot  (Django and Jimmie)

(mic break)

Dori Freeman - Ain't Nobody (Dori Freeman)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #331

Show #331


Ian McFeron - Gotta Have Faith  (Radio)

Alice Wallace -  I Just Don't Care Anymore (Memories Music & Pride)

Daniel Romano - Strange Faces  (If I've Only One Time Askin')

Joe Fournier and the Bad Ass Fajitas -  Movin' On Again  (Joe Fournier and the Bad Ass Fajitas)

(mic break)

Freakwater - The Asp and The Albatross (Scheherazade)


Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dogs - Coming Around  (No Sign of Love or Farewell)

Grand Old Grizzly - Eyes  (CosmoNada) 

Ian McFeron -I'm Comin' Home  (Radio)

(mic break)

Seth Davis - Chandelier (Life Is Long)

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys -  Old Song  (Ionia)

Tokyo Rosenthal - Bury My Ashes  (Afterlife)

Ben Gilmer - Across The Mountains  (Russell County Fair)

Lucinda Williams - Bitter Memory (Ghosts of Highway 20)

(mic break)

Ian McFeron - Song To The Night  (Radio)


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