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A weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
FTB Show #144 (One Shots)

FTB #144 is a "one shot" show where we catch up on some of the Americana and Roots music releases from 2011 that never made it on previous shows for some reason.  Heading into the new year with lots of new stuff lined up already means I'm not likely to get back to any of these artists soon.  Thus, the "one shot" designation.  Please click the artist's name to find out more about them and the song title for online CD or download ordering.  

Show #144 (One Shots)

MARY FLOWER - Recession Rag (Misery Loves Company) (intro music bed)

ARANN HARRIS AND THE FARM BAND - Pop Radio (Consolation Prize)

CATHERINE MACLENNAN - Stealin’ (Silhouette)

JAMES KEYES - Ain't Going Down Like That  (Devil Take The Hindmost)

THE GOOD INTENTIONS - Everybody Loves A Drinking Man (Someone Else's Time)

NOAM PIKELNY - Bob McKinney (Beat The Devil and Carry A Rail)

(mic break)

MARISA YEAMAN - Roadcase Blues (Voices from the Underground)

DAVE WOODCOCK & THE DEAD COMEDIANS - Do I Laugh Now, Or Wait Til It Gets (Funny Poisoned Nights & Bar Room Lights)

LORRIE SINGER & BRADLEY KOPP - Where'd All The Money Go? (A Deep Oasis)

MANDOLIN ORANGE - Lines On The Floor  (Haste Make/Hard Hearted Stranger)

TODD NOVAK - It's A Long Road  (Raspberry Moonshine)

(mic break)

MAGGIE BJORKLUND - Intertwined (Coming Home)

TOYKO ROSENTHAL -Maybe I've Been Where I'm Goin' (Who Was That Man)

MICHELLE McAFEE - Poetry of Life (Up In The Air)

CHRIS ALTMANN -Love Like This (Que Paso)

BILLY BURNETTE - Rock N' Roll With It (Rock N' Roll With It)

(mic break)

THE BORDER BLASTERS -  (In The) Next Life (The Sun Session)

(Dec. 29th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB Show #143, Best music releases of 2011

FTB podcast #143 features the best music releases for calender year 2011.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link to listen now!  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #143 (Best of 2011)

(intro music bed) TONY FURTADO - Portlandia (Golden)

JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT - Stopping By (Here We Rest)

THE BLACK LILLIES - Peach Pickin'  (100 Miles of Wreckage)

GREG TROOPER - Time For Love Upside-Down Town
(mic break)
PATTY GRIFFIN - I Love (I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow)

ROD PICOTT - Still I Want You Bad (Welding Burns)

BLACKIE AND THE RODEO KINGS - Another Free Woman Gets to Walk Away (Kings & Queens)

TED RUSSELL KAMP - If I Had a Dollar (Get Back To The Land)

(mic break)

THE CIVIL WARS - Barton Hollow  (Barton Hollow)

JONATHAN BYRD - Reckon I Did (Cackalack)

TARA NEVINS - The Wrong Side   (Wood and Stone)

JUBAL LEE YOUNG - Renegade Picker (Take It Home)

OLD CALIFORNIO - A Cool Place In The Light (Sundrunk Angels)

(mic break)

BUDDY MILLER's THE MAJESTIC SILVER STRINGS - God's Wing'ed Horse (The Majestic Silver Strings)

(Dec. 8th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB Show #142 with Shelby Lynne, Jim Cuddy, Boca Chica and Greensky Bluegrass

FTB podcast #142 features the new album by SHELBY LYNNE called Revelation Road.  Also new music from JIM CUDDY, BOCA CHICA and GREENSKY BLUEGRASS.  Here's the RSS feed:

Show #142

SHELBY LYNNE - Revelation Road  (Revelation Road)

GREENSKY BLUEGRASS - I'd Probably Kill You (Handguns)

CODY CANADA & THE DEPARTED -  Water Your Own Yard  (This Is Indian Land)

MIKE McCLURE - Hell And Highwater  (Fifty Billion)

(mic break)

PAUL SACHS - Poor Man's Out (Oil Town)

EILEN JEWELL - Reckless (Queen of the Minor Key)


SHELBY LYNNE - Heaven's Only Days Down the Road (Revelation Road)

(mic break)

STEVEN CASPER - Broken Hearts And Cadillacs (Kindness)

BOCA CHICA - Long Range Guns (Get Out of Sin City)

THE LOST PINES - Big Ol' Pockets  (Sweet Honey)

BUTCHERS BLIND - Retreating  (A Play for the Films)

JIM CUDDY - Everyone Watched the Wedding  (Skyscraper Soul)

(mic break)

SHELBY LYNNE - Lead Me Love (Revelation Road)

(Dec. 2nd, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB Show #141 with Great American Taxi, Blitzen Trapper, Red Molly & Richard Buckner

FTB podcast #141 features the new album by GREAT AMERICAN TAXI called Paradise Lost.  Also new music from BLITZEN TRAPPERRED MOLLY and RICHARD BUCKNER.  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #141

GREAT AMERICAN TAXI - Poor House (Paradise Lost)

RED MOLLY - Hello Goodbye (Light the Sky)

JD MALONE & THE EXPERTS - Leave Us Alone (Avalon)

RICHARD BUCKNER - Traitor (Our Blood)

-mic break-

PHARIS & JASON ROMERO - Forsaken Love (A Passing Glimpse)

THE DIRT DAUBERS - Get Outta My Way (Wake Up, Sinners)

BUFFALO CLOVER - Saint Cathleen  (Low Down Time)

GREAT AMERICAN TAXI - Gonna Make A Record (Paradise Lost)

-mic break-

DANNY BARNES - Fun (Rocket)

BLITZEN TRAPPER - American Goldwing  (American Goldwing)

REBECCA PRONSKY - Aberdeen  (Viewfinder)

TILFORD SELLERS - What Youre Doing To Me  (What Youre Doing To Me)

JERRY LINDQVIST - Funky Country (Rivertown)

-mic break-

GREAT AMERICAN TAXI - Blair Mountain (Paradise Lost)

(Nov. 18th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB Show #140 with The Deep Dark Woods, Nikki Lane and The Infamous Stringdusters

FTB podcast #140 features the new album by THE DEEP DARK WOODS called The Place I Left Behind.  Also new music from SONS OF FATHERS, NIKKI LANE and THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS.  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #140

DEEP DARK WOODS - Westside Street (The Place I Left Behind)

NIKKI LANE -  Gone, Gone, Gone (Walk of Shame)

JEFFREY FOUCAULT -  Everybody's Famous (Horse Latitudes)

THE MATT WOODS MANIFESTO - Days Of Walking  (The Matt Woods Manifesto)

(mic break)

HALLEYANNA - Peace Is Lonely, Love Is War (The Country)

GREG BROWN - Where Are You Going When You're Gone (Freak Flag)

SONS OF FATHERS -  Weather Balloons  (Sons of Fathers)

DEEP DARK WOODS - Virginia (The Place I Left Behind)

(mic break)

THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS -  No More To Leave You Behind  (We'll Do It Live)

BLAME SALLY - Bird In Hand (Speeding Ticket and a Valentine)

NRBQ - In Every Dream  (Keep This Love Goin')

HADDEN SAYERS -  Sweet Texas Girl  (Hard Dollar)

THE KENNETH BRIAN BAND - Texas By Tonight (Welcome To Alabama)

(mic break)

DEEP DARK WOODS - The Place I Left Behind (The Place I Left Behind)


Bill Frater

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FTB Show #139 with Nathan Hamilton, The Kentucky HeadHunters, Catie Curtis & The Carper Family

FTB podcast #139 features the new album by NATHAN HAMILTON called Beauty, Wit & Speed.  Also new music from CATIE CURTIS, THE CARPER FAMILY and THE KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS.  Here's the direct link to listen now!  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #139

NATHAN HAMILTON - The Heart That Aches to Open (Beauty, Wit & Speed)

SCOTT DENNIS - Miracle  (Songs From The Homestead)

BEN SOLLEE - Hurting (Inclusions)

THE CARPER FAMILY - Who R U Texting 2Nite (Back When)

(mic break)

MARK W. LENNON - The River Stays The Same (Home of the Wheel)

CATIE CURTIS - Let It Last  (Stretch Limousine On Fire)

MATT THE ELECTRICIAN - Daydreamer  (Accidental Thief)

JON POUSETTE-DART - Better Everyday (Anti-Gravity)

NATHAN HAMILTON - In All That We May Find  (Beauty, Wit & Speed)

(mic break)

LERA LYNN - Bobby, Baby (Have You Met Lera Lynn?)

COMANCHERO -  One Foot in The Grave  (The Undeserved)

THESE UNITED STATES -  Will It Ever (Everything Touches Everything)

THE KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS  - Great Acoustics (Dixie Lullabies)

(mic break)

NATHAN HAMILTON - Through Ether and Time  (Beauty, Wit & Speed)

(Nov. 4th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB Show #138 with Verlon Thompson, Whitehorse, Charlie Faye and Southern Cunture On The Skids

FTB podcast #138 features the new album by VERLON THOMPSON called Works.  Also new music from WHITEHORSE, CHARLIE FAYE and SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS.  Here is the RSS feed: Download Works from iTunes for $9.99.

Show #138

VERLON THOMPSON - The Show We Call Business (Works)

LAURIE LEWIS - American Chestnuts  (Skippin' and Flyin')

ROBERT ELLIS - Two Cans Of Paint  (Photographs)

BRIAN LEDFORD AND THE CADILLAC DESERT - Kingdom Of Rust (From Sunlight Into Shadow)

(mic break)

CHARLIE FAYE - Two-Timer (Travels with Charlie)

BUCK OWENS - Down on the Corner of Love (Bound for Bakersfield 1953-1956 - The Complete pre-Capitol Collection)

THE DANG-IT BOBBYS - Big Trouble (Big Trouble)

VERLON THOMPSON - Barnegie Hall (Works)

(mic break)

WHITEHORSE - Killing Time is Murder (Whitehorse)


THE WILDERS - Mid November (The Wilders)

AMANDA SHIRES - Swimmer (Carrying Lightning)

JIM KELLER - Modern Girl (Soul Candy)

(mic break)

VERLON THOMPSON - Gone But Not Forgotten (Works)

(Oct. 27th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB Show #137 with Rita Hosking, The Gourds, Girls Guns & Glory and The Damn Quails

FTB podcast #137 features the new album Canadian RITA HOSKING called Burn.  Also new music from GIRLS GUNS AND GLORY, THE GOURDS and THE DAMN QUAILS.  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #137

RITA HOSKING - Something You Got (Burn)

WILL HOGE - Silver Chain (Number Seven)

6 DAY BENDER - Huxley (E'ville Fuzz)

MARK VIATOR & SUSAN MAXEY - By the Riverside (These Arms)

(mic break)

THE DAMN QUAILS - Fools Gold (Down the Hatch)

THE BOXCAR LILLIES - Green River Blues  (Heartwood)

BRIAN WRIGHT - Striking Matches  (House on Fire)

RITA HOSKING - Crash and Burn (Burn)

(mic break)

GIRLS GUNS AND GLORY - Last Night I Dreamed (Sweet Nothings)

MATRACA BERG - Silver And Glass (The Dreaming Fields)

CASH BOX KINGS - Holler & Stomp (Holler and Stomp)

BONNIE WHITMORE - She Walks (Embers To Ashes)

THE GOURDS - I Want It So Bad  (Old Mad Joy)

(mic break)

RITA HOSKING - Ballad for the Gulf of Mexico (Burn)

(Oct. 21st, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB Show #136 with Cam Penner, Pieta Brown, Bearfoot & The David Mayfield Parade

FTB podcast #136 features the new album Canadian CAM PENNER called Gypsy Summer.  Also new music from PIETA BROWN, BEARFOOT and THE DAVID MAYFIELD PARADE. Here is the RSS feed:

Show #136

CAM PENNER - Ghost Car (Gypsy Summer)

PIETA BROWN - I’m Gone (Mercury)

THE DUSTBOWL REVIVAL - Holy Ghost Station (Holy Ghost Station)

PAUL BRADY - Rainbow  (Hooba Dooba)

(mic break)

JACKIE DeSHANNON - When You Walk in the Room (When You Walk in the Room)

THE TUMBLERS - America Toil (America Toil)

ROBYN LUDWICK - Can't Go Back   (Out of These Blues)

CAM PENNER - Driftwood (Gypsy Summer)

(mic break)

T JARROD BONTA - You Drive Me Crazy (White Lines)

BEARFOOT - Come And Get Your Lonesome (American Story)

MARK “POCKET” GOLDBERG - No Prison Bars (Off The Alleyway)


THE V-ROYS -  How I Got to Memphis  (Sooner or Later)

(mic break)

CAM PENNER - Cool Cool Nights  (Gypsy Summer)

(Oct. 6th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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FTB show #135 with Kenny Vaughan, Lydia Loveless, James Justin & The Milk Carton Kids

FTB podcast #135 features the new album by KENNY VAUGHAN called simply V.  Also new music from JAMES JUSTINLYDIA LOVELESS and THE MILK CARTON KIDS.  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #135

KENNY VAUGHAN - Country Music Got a Hold on Me (V)

MARYBETH D’AMICO -   The Darkest Day (The Light Inside)

MICHAEL FRACASSO - Ada, OK  (Saint Monday)

JAMES JUSTIN & CO. - Gone Daddy Gone  (Dark Country)

(mic break)

THE MILK CARTON KIDS - Undress the World  (Prologue)

SLAID CLEAVES - Hard To Believe  (Sorrow & Smoke: Live at The Horseshoe Lounge)

THE SWEETBACK SISTERS - Love Me, Honey, Do  (Looking for a Fight)

KENNY VAUGHAN - Hot Like That (V)

(mic break)

RODNEY PARKER & 50 PESO REWARD - Firefight (Live In The Living Room)

BROTHERS THROUGH THE HILL - 66 Miles  (Adelaide)

LYDIA LOVELESS - Can't Change Me (Indestructible Machine)

MARK JUNGERS - Can't Take It With You  (More Like A Good Dog Than A Bad Cat)

SWAMPBOOTS - Jitka (Everything Ends, Nothing Ends Well)

(mic break)

KENNY VAUGHAN - Okolona Tennessee (V)

(Sept. 29th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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