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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
Freight Train Boogie Show #306

Show #306


Freedy Johnston – Baby, Baby Come Home (Neon Repairman)

Cat Canteri - See My Bones  (When We Were Young)

Richard Thompson - Beatnik Walking  (Still)

Texas Martha and the House of Twang - Long Way From Home  (Long Way From Home)

(mic break)

Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved - It Just Happens (This House of Mine)

Will Hoge - Guitar or a Gun  (Small Town Dreams)

Tia McGraff - What A Heart Must Do  (Crazy Beautiful)

Sour Bridges - Carry On  (Sour Bridges)

(mic break)

Jami Lynn - The North Wind  (Fall is a Good Time to Die)

The SteelDrivers - Brother John  (The Muscle Shoals Recordings)

Phil Cody - Johnny Strikes Up The Band  (Cody Sings Zevon)

Danny Morris and the California Stars - The Honky Tonk That Used To Be Here (Danny Morris and the California Stars)

(mic break)

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank - Everybody's Got A Baby But Me  (American Shuffle)

Vince Matthews and Jim Casey - Laid Back Country Picker (The Kingston Springs Suite)

(mic break)

Kacey Musgraves - Biscuits (Pageant Material)


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(July 10th 2015)

Bill Frater

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