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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
FTB Show #194 with Shannon Wurst, Colin Linden, Bobtown & others

FTB podcast #194 features the new album from SHANNON WURST called Lionheart Love.   Also new music COLIN LINDEN, OLD MAN LUEDECKE & A BRIEF VIEW OF THE HUDSON.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link to listen now!  Here is the RSS feed:  You can purchase the Freight Train Boogie Americana App for Android  from Amazon for only $1.99.

Show #194

SHANNON WURST - Hold On (Lionheart Love)

OLD MAN LUEDECKE - Broken Heart Buddy (Tender is the Night)

BRENT KIRBY -  Spot Where I Stand  (Coming Back To Life)

(mic break)

DAVID LUNING - Bed of Roses  (Just Drop On By)

MELODY WALKER - Gold Rush Goddess  (Gold Rush Goddess)

THE MINERS -  I Recall   (Miners' Rebellion)

JASON HEATH AND THE GREEDY SOULS - #1 With A Bullet  (Packed For Exile)

SHANNON WURST - Here in Your Arms  (Lionheart Love)

(mic break)

A BRIEF VIEW OF THE HUDSON - Wisconsin Window Smasher (Querencia)

BOBTOWN - One Public Enemy  (Trouble I Wrought)

CHRIS DANIELS - Medical Marijuana  (Better Days)

COLIN LINDEN - Between The Darkness And The Light Of Day (Still Live)

THE REVEREND PEYTON’S BIG DAMN BAND - Devils Look Like Angels  (Between the Ditches)

(mic break)

SHANNON WURST - Montana  (Lionheart Love)

(Jan. 11th, 2013)

Bill Frater

Freight Train Boogie

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