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FTB Show #144 (One Shots)

FTB #144 is a "one shot" show where we catch up on some of the Americana and Roots music releases from 2011 that never made it on previous shows for some reason.  Heading into the new year with lots of new stuff lined up already means I'm not likely to get back to any of these artists soon.  Thus, the "one shot" designation.  Please click the artist's name to find out more about them and the song title for online CD or download ordering.  

Show #144 (One Shots)

MARY FLOWER - Recession Rag (Misery Loves Company) (intro music bed)

ARANN HARRIS AND THE FARM BAND - Pop Radio (Consolation Prize)

CATHERINE MACLENNAN - Stealin’ (Silhouette)

JAMES KEYES - Ain't Going Down Like That  (Devil Take The Hindmost)

THE GOOD INTENTIONS - Everybody Loves A Drinking Man (Someone Else's Time)

NOAM PIKELNY - Bob McKinney (Beat The Devil and Carry A Rail)

(mic break)

MARISA YEAMAN - Roadcase Blues (Voices from the Underground)

DAVE WOODCOCK & THE DEAD COMEDIANS - Do I Laugh Now, Or Wait Til It Gets (Funny Poisoned Nights & Bar Room Lights)

LORRIE SINGER & BRADLEY KOPP - Where'd All The Money Go? (A Deep Oasis)

MANDOLIN ORANGE - Lines On The Floor  (Haste Make/Hard Hearted Stranger)

TODD NOVAK - It's A Long Road  (Raspberry Moonshine)

(mic break)

MAGGIE BJORKLUND - Intertwined (Coming Home)

TOYKO ROSENTHAL -Maybe I've Been Where I'm Goin' (Who Was That Man)

MICHELLE McAFEE - Poetry of Life (Up In The Air)

CHRIS ALTMANN -Love Like This (Que Paso)

BILLY BURNETTE - Rock N' Roll With It (Rock N' Roll With It)

(mic break)

THE BORDER BLASTERS -  (In The) Next Life (The Sun Session)

(Dec. 29th, 2011)

Bill Frater

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