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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
Freight Train Boogie podcast #40 MARK STUART AND THE BASTARD SONS have a new CD called One Bend in the Road that is featured on Show #40. Also new songs from AMELIA CURRAN and SHE SWINGS, SHE SWAYS. The full playlist is posted below.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe or download the show and here's the  direct download link to listen right now on your computer. Check the artist's websites and order their CD's or downloads and tell 'em you heard the songs on the FTB podcast. Please email me with any questions, comments or suggestions for the podcasts.

Show #40

MARK STUART AND THE BASTARD SONS - When Love Comes A Callin' Bend In The Road
REVEREND HORTON HEAT- Drinkin' And Smokin' Cigarettes Laughin' and Cryin'
IMELDA MAY - Johnny Got A Boom Boom Love Tattoo
ARTY HILL & THE LONG GONE DADDYS- Church On Saturday Night Montgomery On My Mind
(mic break)


AMELIA CURRAN - You Won't Find Me War Brides
ROB LUTES - Bread Truth & Fiction
THE WIYOS- Green Bottle #8 Broken Land Bell
MARK STUART AND THE BASTARD SONS - Restless, Ramblin' Man Bend In The Road
(mic break)


DOOP & THE INSIDE OUTLAWS - Getting What You Want Everett Belcher
TODD SNIDER - Greencastle Blues The Excitement Plan
CAROLYN MARK & NQ ARBUCKLE - Too Sober To Sleep Let's Just Stay Here
SHE SWINGS, SHE SWAYS - He Loves Me Wasted Love Songs
(mic break)
MARK STUART AND THE BASTARD SONS -Fireflies & Corn Liquor Bend In The Road

Bill Frater
Freight Train Boogie

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