Freight Train Boogie Podcasts
A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
FTB Show #231 features new music from Scott Miller, Lindi Ortega, Steve Poltz, The Sadies and more.

Show #231

SCOTT MILLER - Freight Train Heart/Stone Wall Love (Big Big World)

THE HARMED BROTHERS - When You See Me  (Better Days)

KIM RICHEY - Breakaway Speed  (Thorn In My Heart)

THE SADIES - Leave This World Behind  (Internal Sounds)

(mic break)

DARIN & BROOKE ALDRIDGE - Maybe Just A Little (Flying)

FINNDERS & YOUNGBERG - Infidelity (I Don't Want Love You Won't Give Until You Cry)

THE WHISKEY SISTERS - So Close To The Sun   (The Whiskey Sisters)

GARLAND JEFFRIES - Truth Serum   (Truth Serum)

SCOTT MILLER -  Heavy On My Mind  (Big Big World)

(mic break)

STEVE POLTZ - I Pray It Never Comes To This  (Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde)

MELISSA GREENER -  Always  (Transistor Corazon)

MARK UTLEY & BULLETVILLE - Not All Right Together  (Four Chords and a Lie)

SCOTT DENNIS - That's My Lady  (Rearranging Furniture)

LINDI ORTEGA - Hard As This  (Tin Star)

(mic break)

SCOTT MILLER - How Am I Ever Gonna Be Me?  (Big Big World)

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(Oct. 24th, 2013)

Bill Frater

Freight Train Boogie

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