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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
FTB Show #186 with Lindi Ortega, Don Gallardo, Kevin Bowe, Bonnie Bishop and others...

FTB podcast #186 features the new album from LINDI ORTEGA called Cigarettes  & Truckstops.  Also new music from DON GALLARDO, BONNIE BISHOP and KEVIN BOWE & THE OKEMAH PROPHETS.  Freight Train Boogie podcasts also air weekly on RootHog Radio on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm CST and again Friday mornings at 10:00 am CST and on Rob Ellen's Medicine Show. And you can purchase the Freight Train Boogie Americana App for Android  from Amazon for only $1.99.

Show #186

LINDI ORTEGA - Cigarettes  & Truckstops  (Cigarettes  & Truckstops)

KEVIN BOWE & THE OKEMAH PROPHETS - Waitin’ For The Wheel  (Natchez Trance)

THE WIYOS - Yellow Lines (Twist)

HANS THEESSINK & TERRY EVANS - How Come People Act Like That (Delta Time)

(mic break)

SHOEBOX LETTERS - The Start of Falling Apart  (Nowadays)

TIM CHAISSON  - Beat This Heart (The Other Side)

TROUBADOUR KINGS -  Everybody  (Heartache Town)

LINDI ORTEGA - The Day You Die  (Cigarettes  & Truckstops)

(mic break)

TODD BURGE - Jesus Night Light (Building Characters)

JOHN FULLBRIGHT - All The Time In The World  (From The Ground Up)

BONNIE BISHOP - Keep Using Me  (Free)

CHRIS SMITHER - What They Say (Hundred Dollar Valentine)

CAHALEN MORRISON & ELI WEST - A Lady Does Not Often Falter  (Our Lady of The Tall Trees)

DON GALLARDO & THE HOW FAR WEST -  Sinking Ships   (The Art of Troublesome Times)

(mic break)

LINDI ORTEGA - Murder of Crows  (Cigarettes  & Truckstops)

(Nov. 9th, 2012)

Bill Frater

Freight Train Boogie

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