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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
FTB Show #179 featuring Houston Marchman with Somebody's Darling, Amy Cook, A.J. Downing and William Pilgrim

FTB podcast #179 highlights the new album by HOUSTON MARCHMAN entitled Econoliner. Also new music from  AJ DOWNING,  AMY COOK and SOMEBODY’S DARLING.  Freight Train Boogie podcasts also air weekly on RootHog Radio on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm CST and again Friday mornings at 10:00 am CST and on Rob Ellen's Medicine Show.

Show #179

HOUSTON MARCHMAN -  Waitin' On A Train (Econoliner)

AMY COOK - Waiting 4 The World 2 End  (Summer Skin)

THE WASHERS - Bag of Bones (Tired Eyes)

AJ DOWNING - American Junkie  (Good Day)

(mic break)

I DRAW SLOW - Mama Don't Cry (Redhills)

ANTSY McCLAIN - Living the Dream (Living The Dream)

GARY NICHOLSON - Worry Be Gone (Gary Nicholson Presents Whitey Johnson)

STEVE EARLE - The Last Gunfighter Ballad (This One's For Him: A Tribute To Guy Clark)

HOUSTON MARCHMAN - Econoliner  (Econoliner)

(mic break)

WILLIAM PILGRIM & THE ALL GROWS UP -  Farewell  (The Great Recession)

SOMEBODY’S DARLING - Keep Shakin'  (Junk City Shakedown)

WHITEHORSE - Broken   (Whitehorse)

WHISPERING PINES - Move On  (Whispering Pines)

(mic break)

HOUSTON MARCHMAN - On My Own  (Econoliner)

(Sept. 18th, 2012)

Bill Frater

Freight Train Boogie

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