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FTB Show #149 with The Great Unknowns, John Batdorf, Carolann Ames & Eric Dahl

FTB podcast #149 features the new album by THE GREAT UNKNOWNS called Homefront.  Also new music from JOHN BATDORF CAROLANN AMES and HUMMING HOUSE.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link to listen now!  Here is the RSS feed:

Show #149

THE GREAT UNKNOWNS - Lexington (Homefront)

LINCOLN DURHAM - Last Red Dawn (The Shovel vs The Howling Bones)

THE DAMN QUAILS - Better Place to Stop (Down the Hatch)

WESTERN STARLANDERS - Can’t Take A Hint  (The Western Starlanders)

(mic break)

CAROLANN AMES - Back to Santa Rosa (Laurel Canyon Road)

ERIC DAHL - Live By Your Word  (Live By Your Word)

DOLLY VARDEN - Not Ashamed (Mouthful Of Lies)

THE GREAT UNKNOWNS - Wrong (Homefront)

(mic break)

HUMMING HOUSE -  Stop Me Still  (Humming House)

HOOTS AND HELLMOUTH - What Good Are Plowshares If We Use Them Like Swords   (The Holy Open Secret)

JOHN BATDORF - Dont Give Up On Dreams (One Last Wish)

AMY SPEACE - Battered Hatches  (Land Like A Bird)

THE LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR - Eloise (Turn Into The Ground)

(mic break)

THE GREAT UNKNOWNS - By The Time I Get To Texas  (Homefront)


(Jan. 27th, 2012)

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