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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
FTB podcast #97 features the new CD from ADAM KLEIN entitled "Wounded Electric Youth"

FTB podcast #97  features the new CD from ADAM KLEIN entitled Wounded Electric Youth.  Also new music from SARA HICKMAN and a track from the forthcoming SARA LEE GUTHRIE & JOHNNY IRION album, due in February. The full playlist is posted below.  Check the artist's websites and order their CD's or downloads and tell 'em you heard the songs on the FTB podcast.  Please email me with any questions or suggestions for the podcasts. (frater(at)

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Show #97

ADAM KLEIN - Driftin' - Wounded Electric Youth
DYLAN LeBLANC - Low - Paupers Field
KIM RICHEY - When The Circus Comes To Town - Wreck Your Wheels
MIKE FARRIS AND THE CUMBERLAND SAINTS - Mother Earth - The Night The Cumberland Came Alive
(mic break)
SARA LEE GUTHRIE & JOHNNY IRION - Target on your Heart - Bright Examples
THE TWANGTOWN PARAMOURS - Might As Well Be You - The Twangtown Paramours
MAGNOLIA MOUNTAIN - Like Any Other - Redbird Green
ADAM KLEIN - Griffin's Song - Wounded Electric Youth
(mic break)
SARA HICKMAN - I'm So Glad You Came Along - Absence of Blame
D.B. RIELLY - Loving You Again - Love Potions and Snake Oil
DAVID BALL - On Top Of The World - Sparkle City
LESLIE STEVENS AND THE BADGERS - Salvation - Roomful of Smoke
(mic break)
ADAM KLEIN - Wayward Son Wounded Electric Youth

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