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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.

FTB podcast #105  features the new album by GURF MORLIX called Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream.  Also new music from NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS,  LISA MORALES and CARRIE RODRIGUEZ & BEN KYLE.  The full playlist is posted below.  Check the artist's websites and order their CD's or downloads and tell 'em you heard the songs on the FTB podcast.  Please email me with any questions or suggestions for the podcasts. (
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Show #105

GURF MORLIX - Baby Can I Crawl Back To You -Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream

LIBBY KOCH - Lonesome Bound - The Shadow of This Town

ALLEN THOMPSON - All These Years -26 Years

BOW THAYER & PERFECT TRAINWRECK - Your Heart is Not Your First Car -Bottom of the Sky

(mic break)

LISA MORALES - Beautiful Mistake -Beautiful Mistake

CARRIE RODRIGUEZ & BEN KYLE - Your Lonely Heart - We Still Love Our Country

WATERMELON SLIM - Good Ole Boys Never Change -Ringers

GURF MORLIX - Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream -Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream

(mic break)

NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS - How I Wish My Train Would Come - Keys to the Kingdom

TONY DENIKOS - River Don't Rise -Already Gone

THE WHIPTAILS -  Perfect Drug - The Whiptails

JIM ARMSTRONG - Dollars In His Wallet -Junction Road

(mic break)

GURF MORLIX - If I Could Only Fly - Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream

(Feb. 4th, 2011)

Bill Frater

Freight Train Boogie

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