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A bi-weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
Freight Train Boogie Show #266

Show #266


JONAH TOLCHIN -  Mockingbird  (Clover Lane)

THE HELLO STRANGERS - What It Takes To Break A Heart  (The Hello Strangers)

WILL KIMBROUGH - Let The Big World Spin  (Sideshow Love)

BEND THE RIVER - The Hunter In Me  (So Long Joan Fontaine)

(mic break)

JASON TYLER BURTON -Carried Away (Headwaters)

JUSTIN CURRIE - Bend To My Will   (Lower Reaches)

THE COAL MEN - Sanity  (Escalator)

EDEN BRENT - Let's Go Ahead and Fall In Love  (Jigsaw Heart)

JONAH TOLCHIN - 21st Century Girl  (Clover Lane)

(mic break)

JEN STARSINIC - The Only One Who Can Break Your Heart  (The Flood and the Fire)

JIM LAUDERDALE - Doin' Time In Bakersfield  (I'm A Song)

GRANT PEEPLES AND THE PEEPLES REPUBLIK - The New American Dream  (Punishing the Myth)

THE MASTERSONS - Good Luck Charm  (Good Luck Charm)

WAYLON SPEED – Days Remain The Same (Kin)

(mic break)

(Clover Lane)



(Aug. 8th, 2014)

Bill Frater

Freight Train Boogie

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