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FTb Show #181 featuring Chris Knight with Radney Foster, Reckless Kelly, MilkDrive & Liz Frame & The Kickers

FTB podcast #181 features the new album by CHRIS KNIGHT called Little Victories.  Also new music from RADNEY FOSTERRECKLESS KELLY and LIZ FRAME & THE KICKERS.   Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link to listen now

Show #181

CHRIS KNIGHT - In the Mean Time  (Little Victories)

LIZ FRAME & THE KICKERS - Girl Of Little Faith (Sooner)

HOOTS & HELLMOUTH - I Don't Mind Your Cussing   (Salt)

MILKDRIVE - Papers on the Table  (Waves)

(mic break)

MISS SHEVAUGHN & YUMA WRAY - Go Hang  (We're From Here)

SIX MILE GROVE - One of These Days  (Secret Life in a Quiet Town)

JIM CLEMENTS - Stonier Ground  (The Road To Anhedonia)

CHRIS KNIGHT - Missing You  (Little Victories)

(mic break)

RADNEY FOSTER - Nobody Wins  (Del Rio, Texas Revisited: Unplugged and Lonesome)

RETO BURRELL - Find Love  (Sunshine & Snow)

JOY MILLS - Best Show in Town  (Trick of the Eye)


RECKLESS KELLY - Pennsylvania Avenue (Pennsylvania Avenue)

(mic break)

CHRIS KNIGHT - Little Victories  (Little Victories)

(Oct. 4th, 2012)

Bill Frater

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