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A weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.

 Show #289


Anne McCue - Devil In The Middle  (Blue Sky Thinkin')

Josh Buckley -  April Fool  (Blind Side of the Heart)

W.B. Givens - The Desert  (Locomotion)

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Here We Go  (Medicine)

(mic break)

Gurf Morlix - Blue Smoke  Eatin’ At Me
Owl Country - Sacred Ground  (Owl Country)

The Last Hombres - Dreams  (Odd Fellows Rest)

Anne McCue - Little White Cat  (Blue Sky Thinkin')

(mic break)

The Zuni Mountain Boys - Radio  (The Zuni Mountain Boys)

Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits - Died & Gone To Heaven  (Biscuits & Gravy)

The Loose Canyons - If We Don't Know  (Striver’s Row)

6 String Drag -  Drive Around Town  (Roots Rock 'N' Roll)

(mic break)

Anne McCue - Save A Life  (Blue Sky Thinkin')


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(Feb. 27th, 2015)

Bill Frater

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 Show #288


Barnstar! - Flaming Red  (Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out!)

40 Watt Dreams - Kansas  (After the Show)

Jim Lauderdale - We Will Rock Again  (I'm A Song)

The Bros. Landreth – Going To The Country (Let It Lie)

(mic break)

Craig Market & Thomm Jutz - More Than The Miles  (Nowhere To Hide)

Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley - My Way Is The Highway  (Before the Sun Goes Down)

Madison King - You & Me  (Onward and Upward)

Cisco & Dewey -  Movin’ On Down  (Cisco & Dewey)

Barnstar! - Barnstable County (Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out!)

(mic break)

J. Tex & the Volunteers - This Old Banjo (Old Ways vs. New Ways)

Flatland Tourists - No Work, No Pay (Flatland Tourists)

Kenny Butterill - Old Man and the Kid  (Troubadour Tales)

Great Spirit – Pow-Wow (Front Porch To Frontier)

Justin Townes Earle - Farther from Me  (Absent Fathers)

(mic break) 

Barnstar! - Six Foot Pine Box  (Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out!)


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(Feb. 14th, 2015)

Bill Frater

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 Show #287


Jim White vs. The Packway Handle Band - Smack Dab in a Big Tornado  (Take It Like A Man)

Kelley Swindall - California  (Pronounced K e Le Swin 'dl)

Mark Jones & Twenty Paces - Mountains  (Breaking Even)

James Carothers - New Country Singers  (Honky Tonk Land)

(mic break)

Jake Xerxes Fussell - All In Down and Out  (Jake Xerxes Fussell)

The Westies -  Devil  (West Side Stories)

The Hello Strangers - What You Don't Know  (The Hello Strangers)

Jim White vs. The Packway Handle Band - Not a Song  (Take It Like A Man)

(mic break)

Flagship Romance - A Strange Thing  (Fee Fie Foh Fun)

Jay Semko - Clean  (Flora Vista)

The J. Miller Band - Horns to Halos  (One More High One More Low)

Carolina Story - Crash And Burn  (Chapter Two)

Frazey Ford - September Fields  (Indian Ocean)

(mic break)

Jim White vs. The Packway Handle Band - Sorrows Shine  (Take It Like A Man)

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(Feb. 6th, 2015)
Bill Frater

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Show #286


Ryan Bingham - Nobody Knows My Trouble  (Fear & Saturday Night)

Jerry Hannan - Everything's Gonna Be Alright  (The Light Gets Brighter)

Amy McCarley – Hands Tied  (Jet Engines)

Jack Kerowax -  Moonshine Barber  (Kerowax)

(mic break)

Low Country Hill - At Least For Today (Low Country Hill)

The Better Halves - I Wish We Could Go Out Tonight  (All Over the Map)

Van Darien - Cannonball  (Silent Sparrow)

Ryan Bingham  - Radio  (Fear & Saturday Night)

(mic break)

The Sweet Lowdown - You Can Find The North  (Chasing The Sun)

Garrett James -  Your Ghost  (The Bison EP)

The Loudermilks - Quite Honestly  (The Loudermilks)

Joseph Eid - Something Real  (Human)

(mic break)

Ryan Bingham - Fear And Saturday Night  (Fear & Saturday Night)


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(Jan. 31st, 2015)

Bill Frater

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Show #285

Victor Krummenacher - Hard To See Trouble Coming   (Hard To See Trouble Coming)

Anna Tival - Grace and Gasoline  (Before Machines)

Shoebox Letters -  Take A Deep Breath  (Honest Truth)

Lyal Strickland - Every Time It Starts to Rain  (Balanced on Barbed Wire)

(mic break)

The Hiders - Loaded As A Gun  (Totem)

Twang Dragons -  Lost Soul  (3 Chords and a Lie)

Seth Walker - Grab Ahold  (Sky Still Blue)

Victor Krummenacher - If I Could Only Close My Eyes  (Hard To See Trouble Coming)

(mic break)

Whiskey Shivers - Friends  (Whiskey Shivers)

Ted Murray Jones - Monteagle  (The Road Home)

Miss Laurie Ann & The Saddletones - Better Get It (Ease My Mind)

Todd Adelman - Red Headed Woman With A Gibson Guitar  (Highways & Lowways)

(mic break)

Victor Krummenacher - Tennessee & Pancho  (Hard To See Trouble Coming)


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(Jan. 23rd, 2015)

Bill Frater

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 Show #284


Leftover Salmon - High Country (High Country)

Annie Lou - In the Country  (Tried and True)

The Felice Brothers - Bird on Broken Wing  (Favorite Waitress)

Scott MacLeod -  2 Run Lead  (Flicker and Fade )

(mic break)

Nell Robinson – Happy To Go  (Nell Robinson & Rose of No-Man’s Land)

Small Town Lights - Small Town Lights  (Small Town Lights)

Mark Jungers -  Everybody Knows But Me  (I'll See You Again)

Leftover Salmon - Home Cookin'  (High Country)

(mic break)

Sarah Lou Richards - Don't Break My Heart  (The Woman Behind The Curtain)

The Loudermilks - Come Along With Me  (The Loudermilks)

Stephen Chadwick - Let's Do This Thing  (Let's Do This Thing)

Giulia Millanta - Lost In Space (The Funambulist)

Danny Medakovic - Big Yellow Moon   (Jolley Cut)

Kacey Jones - One Click Away  (Amen For Old Friends)

Cary Morin - Tiny Town (Tiny Town)

Leftover Salmon - Better Day (High Country)


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(Jan. 17th, 2015)

Bill Frater

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Show #283


Cracker - California Country Boy  (Berkeley to Bakersfield)

Katie Garibaldi - Lock the Door, Lose the Key  (Follow Your Heart)

Blue Mother Tupelo - Penny Roll  (Only Sunshine)

David Nelson Band - I Don't Need It Anymore  (Once in a Blue Moon)

(mic break)

Emma Hill - Hard Love (Denali)

Seven Handle Circus - Not So Lucky  (Shadows on the Wall)

David G Smith - One House (One House)

Cracker - Get On Down the Road  (Berkeley to Bakersfield)

(mic break)

Richie Jenkin - Holy Smoke  (Four Songs)

Hannah Aldridge - Howlin' Bones  (Razor Wire)

Ronnie Fauss - A Natural End   (Built To Break)

Brad Boyer - Big Rig Driver  (Montagu Hotel)

Memphis Dawls –The Law (Rooted in the Bone)

(mic break)

Cracker - Waited My Whole Life  (Berkeley to Bakersfield)



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(Jan. 9th, 2015)

Bill Frater

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Show #282 (2014 Christmas Show)


THE DEPUE BROTHERS BAND - Linus and Lucy  (When It's Christmas Time)

(intro bed)

BUCK OWENS -  Christmas Time's A-Coming  (Hillbilly Holiday)

THE WHISKEYBELLES - Mama Never Liked Christmas  (Nothin’ Says Christmas Like Whiskey)

THE OLD 97’S - Here It Is Christmas Time  (An Americana Christmas)

THE RESENTMENTS - I Hate Christmas  (The Resentments)

(mic break)

BLUE RODEO - Home To You This Christmas  (A Merrie Christmas To You)

JOHN REISCHMAN & THE JAYBIRDS - I Heard From Heaven Today   (On A Winter’s Night)

RIDERS IN THE SKY - Let It Snow/The Last Christmas Medley You'll Ever Need To Hear  (Christmas the Cowboy Way)

NIKKI LANE - FalalalaLove Ya  (An Americana Christmas)

(mic break)


MAX GOMEZ - Season of My Memory  (An Americana Christmas)

OWL COUNTRY - Long Gentle Rain  (Long Gentle Rain)

DALE WATSON - Honky Tonk Christmas  (Christmas in Texas)

(mic break)

PAUL THORN - That’s Not Why We’re Here

(mic break)

6 STRING DRAG - Hey Santa Claus

ROD PICOTT - Dad’s Drunk Again On Christmas  (Decembersongs: An East Nashville Christmas)

COLD BEER AND BROADS - Get Me Home By Christmas Eve

THE X-MEN - The Little Drummer Boy/Linus & Lucy  (Santa Is Real)




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(Dec. 19th, 2014)

Bill Frater

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Show #281 (Best of 2014)


STEELISM - Cat's Eye Ring  (615 to Fame)

ROSANNE CASH - The Sunken Lands   (The River & The Thread)

OTIS GIBBS - Back In My Day Blues  (Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth)

CAHALEN MORRISON & COUNTRY HAMMER - Over And Over And Over Again  (The Flower of Muscle Shoals)

HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF - Blue Ridge Mountain  (Small Town Heroes)

(mic break)

PARKER MILLSAP - Quite Contrary  (Parker Millsap)

LUCINDA WILLIAMS  -  When I Look at the World  (Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone)

MARTY STUART - Jailhouse  (Saturday Night/Sunday Morning)

JP HARRIS AND THE TOUGH CHOICES - Young Women and Old Guitars  (Home Is Where The Hurt Is)

(mic break)

NIKKI LANE - Love's on Fire  (All Or Nothin')

HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER - Mahogany Dread  (Lateness of Dancers)

ZOE MUTH - Too Shiny  (World of Strangers)

CORY BRANAN - The Only You  (The No-Hit Wonder)

(mic break)

JESSE WINCHESTER - Just So Much  (Reasonable Amount of Trouble)

STURGILL SIMPSON -  It Ain't All Light   (Metamodern Sounds in Country Music)



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(Dec. 12th, 2014)

Bill Frater

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Show #280


DANNY ROBERTS - New Gil Ramble (Nighthawk)  (intro music bed) 

THE BOOTLEG HONEYS - Every Song We Know (EP)

VIC RUGGIERO - New Jersey Story  (This)

BURKE LONG - About Love (Silver Queen)

ELIZA LYNN - Everything Sped Up (Goodbye Nashville)

(mic break)

COLE WASHBURN - Anastasia  (Traveler’s Moon)

CHUCK CANNON - Something's Wrong with the World (God Shaped Hole)

SHELLY KING - The Ones You Don't See Coming  (Building A Fire)

MICHAEL WAID - Wrong Way Down a One Way Road  (The Door Is Wide Open)

(mic break)

BELA FLECK & ABIGAIL WASHBURN - Railroad  (Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn)

THE OLY MOUNTAIN BOYS - It Rained For 40 Days (White Horse)

PIETA BROWN - Flowers Of Love (Paradise Outlaw)

ELLIOT BROOD - Little Ones (Work and Love)

(mic break)

PEGI YOUNG & THE SURVIVORS - I Be Weary (Lonely In A Crowded Room)

TIM HARWELL & THE LEGENDS - Dance Floor  (Dance Floor)

HOWELLDEVINE - Let You Go   (Modern Sounds of Ancient Juju)

(mic break)

MAGGIE BJORKLUND - Missing At Sea (Shake) (outro music bed)


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(Dec. 4th, 2014)

Bill Frater

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