Freight Train Boogie Podcasts
A weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
Freight Train Boogie Show #323

Show #323

Willy Tea Taylor - The Very Best  (Knuckleball Prime)

Amanda Pearcy – Pawn Shop Gun  (An Offering)

Great Peacock - Tennessee  (Making Ghosts)

Daniel Young - Locked Up, Chained Up  (Time Passes Quickly)

(mic break)

Mipso - Down In The Water  (Old Time Reverie)

The Legendary Shack Shakers - Demon Rum  (The Southern Surreal)

Kenny Knight - Carry Me Down  (Crosswords)

Willy Tea Taylor - Knuckleball Prime  (Knuckleball Prime)

(mic break)

The Nouveaux Honkies - Blues For Country  (Blues For Country)

40 Watt Dreams - Sometimes I Cry  (After the Show)

Ward Davis - Old Worn Out Cowboy (w/ Jamey Johnson & Willie Nelson)  (15 Years in a 10 Year Town)

Danny Schmidt - Soon the Earth Shall Swallow  (Owls)

Randall Bramblett - Dead In The Water  (Devil Music)

(mic break)

Willy Tea Taylor - Lullaby  (Knuckleball Prime)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #322

Show #322


Mary Gauthier - Sorry You're Sick  (Cold & Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins)

Chad Elliott - Matters Of The Broken Heart (Wreck And Ruin)

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s - Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore  (Sonic Ranch)

Ted Z and the Wranglers - Hold On  (Ghost Train)

(mic break)

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband - Around The Bend  (Three Red Feathers)

Shoebox Letters - Jump On A Train (The Road Not Taken)

Surrender Hill - Goodbye Days  (Surrender Hill)

Shinyribs - Who Got my Natural Comb  (Cold & Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins)

(mic break)

James McMurtry - Big Things   (Cold & Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins)

Courtney Chambers -  Fool In Me  (Tales of the Aftermath)

The Deslondes -Broken  (The Deslondes)

Jeff German and the Blankety Blanks - 1000 Times (12 Packs, 8 Tracks and Black & White TV)

(mic break)
Josh Ritter - Henrietta, Indiana

 (Sermon on the Rocks)

Hot Roux -  Broken Again (Stranger's Blues)

(mic break)

Sunny Sweeney - Happy Hour (Cold & Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #321

Show #321


Edward David Anderson - Firefly (Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions)

Clara Baker - Big Spoon  (Temporary Things)

Halfway - Oscar (An Outpost of Promise)

Jason Boland & the Stragglers - Fat And Merry (Squelch)

(mic break)

Jeffrey Foucault - Des Moines  (Salt as Wolves)

Lowell "Banana" Levinger - Darkness Darkness  (Get Together - Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics)

Mandy Rowden - These Bad Habits  (These Bad Habits)

Edward David Anderson - Sentimental In The Morning  (Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions)

(mic break)

Israel Nash - Willow  (Israel Nash's Silver Season)

Willy Porter - This Train  (Human Kindness)

Jim Lauderdale - One Big Company  (Soul Searching: Vol. 1 Memphis/Vol. 2. Nashville)

Eilen Jewell - Hallelujah Band  (Sundown Over Ghost Town)

Ned Van Go - Come On Big River (The Dirt and the Sin)

(mic break)

Edward David Anderson - Hidin' At The Hollow  (Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions)


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Show #320


The Supersuckers - Holdin' The Bag  (Holdin' The Bag)

The Black Lillies - Bound To Roam (Hard to Please)

Leaf Rapids - Everything In Between (Lucky Stars)

Corb Lund - Weight Of The Gun (Things That Can’t Be Undone)

(mic break)

Rita Hosking -  Black Hole (Frankie and the No-Go Road)

The Wood Brothers - Never And Always (Paradise)

T Ferrell - Morning Angel (Southerly)

The Supersuckers - High & Outside  (Holdin' The Bag)

(mic break)

Donnie Fritts - The Oldest Baby In The World  (Oh My Goodness)

Darrell Scott - In the Light of Day  (10: Songs of Ben Bullington)

Anne E. Dechant - Probably Should  (The Sun Coming In)

The Steel Wheels - Find Your Mountain  (Leave Some Things Behind)

David Myles - Need A Break (So Far)

(mic break)

The Supersuckers - I Can't Cry (feat. Lydia Loveless)  (Holdin' The Bag)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #319

Show #319


Patty Griffin - Hurt A Little While  (Servant of Love)

Colin Linden - Knob & Tube (Rich In Love)

William Elliott Whitmore - Ain't Gone Yet  (Radium Death)

Flatt Lonesome - You’ll Pay (Runaway Train)

(mic break)

Brian Ritchey - We're Just Wrong (Bordeaux)

Sugarcane Jane - Pedigree (Dirt Road's End)

Bart Crow - Dear Music  (The Parade)

Patty Griffin - Gunpowder  (Servant of Love)

(mic break)

The Turnpike Troubadours - The Bird Enters  (Turnpike Troubadours)

Todd Grebe & Cold Country - Criminal Style


Sara Syms - Running Away From Me (Way Back Home)

Richie Furay - Hand In Hand  (Hand In Hand)

The Bottle Rockets - Monday (Everytime I Turn Around)  (South Broadway Athletic Club)

(mic break)

Patty Griffin - Noble Ground  (Servant of Love)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #318

Show #318


Webb Wilder - If It Ain't Broke (Don't Fix It) (Mississippi Moderne)

Ali Holder - From My Veins Will Fall  (From My Veins Will Fall)

Dan Montgomery -  The Drunken Mouth (Sin, Repent, Repeat)

Danny Click - Everything's Alright  (Holding Up The Sun)

(mic break)

Dawn and Hawkes -  Yours and Mine  (Yours and Mine)

Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls -  A Season Undone  (A Season Undone)

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers - Love Your Loved Ones  (Loved Wild Lost)

Webb Wilder  -Too Much Sugar For A Nickel  Mississippi Moderne
(Webb Wilder interview)
Webb Wilder - I'm Not Just Anybody's Fool  (Mississippi Moderne)

(mic break)

Leigh Nash -  Cruel Heart  (The State I'm In)

Chuck Hawthorne  - The Gospel Hammer  (Silver Lining)

D.L. Marble - Drag Me Back   (Hard To Quit)

Lucero - Can't You Hear Them Howl  (All A Man Should Do)

(mic break)

Webb Wilder - Only A Fool  (Mississippi Moderne)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #317

Show #317



Dan Bern - Merle, Hank & Johnny  (Hoody)

Kasey Chambers - Is God Real?  (Bittersweet)

Guy Davis - Taking Just A Little Bit Of Time  (Kokomo Kidd)

Jefferson Ross - Close Minded People (Dogwood Cats)

(mic break)

Warren Haynes with Railroad Earth - Company Man  (Ashes & Dust)

LeeAnn Atherton - Add It Up  (Barefoot Fields)

Tom Van Stockum - Dearly Departed (Tom Van Stockum)

The Surreal McCoys - Leaving To Stay (In Love With You)  (The Howl & The Growl)

(mic break)

Greg Trooper - We’ve Still Got Time (Live At The Rock Room)

Whistle Test - Life Will Come For You (Janie's Song) (Decorated By Love)

Tia McGraff - What A Heart Must Do  (Crazy Beautiful)

Pie Eyed Pete - Everything (Sing Your Favorite Song) (Workingman's Paradise)

(mic break)

Ted Russell Kamp - Deep in a Dream  (The Low And Lonesome Sound)

Iris DeMent - Listening to Singing  (The Trackless Woods)

Anderson East- Find 'Em, Fool 'Em and Forget 'Em  (Delilah)

(mic break)

Hillfolk Noir - Woods On Fire  (Pop Songs For Elk)



Twitter: @Fratrain

Flipboard: Americana Boogie Music


(Oct. 2nd, 2015)


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Freight Train Boogie Show #316

Show #316


Joe Ely - Here's To The Weary (Panhandle Rambler)

Jesse Lafser - Jack Hit Blues  (Raised On The Plains)

The Pine Hill Project - Missing You  (Tomorrow You're Going)

Folk Family Revival - Trash Water (Walker)

(mic break)

Low Lily - The Girl’s Not Mine (Low Lily)

Adam Klein - Wild Goose Chase  (Archer’s Arrow)

The Lonesome Heroes - Western Style Saloons (Can't Stand Still)

Joe Ely - Southern Eyes  (Panhandle Rambler)

(mic break)

Frank Martin Gilligan - Could I Keep You (Silver Dollar)

Kelley Swindall - The Murder Song (Pronounced K e Le Swin 'dl)

Tennessee Mafia Jug Band - Hillbilly Logic (Lester's Loafing Lounge)

Ruby Rae - Mary Eastey  (Voodoo Queen)

The Damn Quails - Oklahoma Blue  (Out of the Birdcage)

(mic break)

 Joe Ely - When The Nights Are Cold  (Panhandle Rambler)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #315

Show #315


David Ramirez - Communion  (Fables)

Sarah Pierce - Wild Ones  (Barbed Wire)

Joel Rafael - Sticks and Stones  (Baladista)

Kevin Gordon - Crowville  (Long Gone Time)

(mic break)

Joan Shelley - Brighter Than The Blues  (Over and Even)  (iTunes)

Gill Landry - Waiting for Your Love  (Gill Landry)

Colin Lake - One Thing That's for Sure  (One Thing That's for Sure)

David Ramirez - That Ain’t Love (Fables)

(mic break)

The Slocan Ramblers - Call Me Long Gone  (Coffee Creek)

Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem - Swing Me Down  (Violets Are Blue)

Tod Hughes Project - Follow Your Heart  (Changing Gears)

(mic break)

Rayland Baxter - Yellow Eyes  (Imaginary Man)

Martin Sexton - Dandelion Days  (Mixtape of the Open Road)

Lindi Ortega - Run-Down Neighborhood  (Faded Gloryville)

(mic break)

David Ramirez  - New Way of Living  (Fables)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #314

Show #314


Whitney Rose - Heartbreaker of the Year  (Heartbreaker of the Year)

Jason James - I've Been Drinkin' More  (Jason James)

Rodney Rice - You Don't Know Me (Empty Pockets and a Troubled Mind)

Michael O'Connor - Rigged Game (Bloodshot Vagabond)

(mic break)

Crow and the Canyon - Wine and Whiskey  (Leaving Soon)

Ben Gilmer - Carbo #9  (Russell County Fair)

Eliza Lynn - Made Up Snow  (Goodbye Nashville)

Langhorne Slim & The Law - Changes  (The Spirit Moves)

Whitney Rose - Little Piece of You  (Heartbreaker of the Year)

(mic break)

Lance Canales - Old Red  (The Blessing And The Curse)

Keith Greeninger - Be My Baby  (Soul Connection)

Isabel & the Uncommons - A Man That Can Drive  (Hearts and Arrows)

Spirit Family Reunion - It Does Not Bother Me (Hands Together)

(mic break)

Whitney Rose - The Last Party  (Heartbreaker of the Year)

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