Freight Train Boogie Podcasts
A weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.
Freight Train Boogie Show #341

Show #341


Willie Sugarcapps - Dreamer's Sky (Paradise Right Here)

Kristy Cox -Another Weary Mile  (Part of Me)

The Turnpike Troubadours - Long Drive Home (Turnpike Troubadours)

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst- She's Bad (I Feel Like I've Got Snakes In My Head)

(mic break)

Robbie Fulks - Alabama at Night (Upland Stories)

Glenna Bell - So in Love With You  (Lone Star: Songs and Stories Straight from the Heart of Texas)

The Slocan Ramblers - Elk River  (Coffee Creek)

Willie Sugarcapps - Intentions of my Heart  (Paradise Right Here)

(mic break)

Willie Sugarcapps - Faded Neighborhood  (Paradise Right Here)

Fortunate Ones -  Wherever You Go  (The Bliss)

Chad Elliott - Homefire Blues (Wreck And Ruin)

Reagan Boggs
-  The Graves (Empty Glasses)

(mic break)

The Westies - The Gang's All Here  (Six On the Out)

Anne E. Dechant - Out There  (The Sun Coming In)

(mic break)

Willie Sugarcapps - Rosemary and Time  (Paradise Right Here)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #340

Show #340

Hayes Carll - Drive (Lovers and Leavers)

Ashleigh Caudill - Looney Bird  (Looney Bird)

Bart Crow - Here We Go Again  (The Parade)

Chris Murphy - Sailing The World Alone (Surface To Air)

(mic break)

Terri Hendrix - Love You Strong  (Love You Strong)

Jared Rabin - Something Left To Say  (Something Left To Say)

William Elliott Whitmore - Can't Go Back  (Radium Death)

Hayes Carll -Sake of a Song  (Lovers and Leavers)

(mic break)

Elephant Revival - Peace Tonight (Petals)

Corb Lund - Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues (Things That Can’t Be Undone)

Dione Taylor - Love Is (Born Free)

Jeffrey Foucault - Rico  (Salt as Wolves)

The Mystix - Jelly Roll  (Live - Rhythm & Roots)

(mic break)

Hayes Carll - Love Is So Easy  (Lovers and Leavers)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #339

Show #339


Kelley McRae - Hard Night  (The Wayside)

Donal Hinely - Barn Wood  (Dark Horse Days)

Spirit Family Reunion - Wake Up, Rounder (Hands Together)

The Infamous Stringdusters (with Abigail Washburn) - Rock and Roll  (Ladies & Gentlemen)

(mic break)  

Andy Ferrell - Time Crawls By  (At Home and In Nashville)

Cat Canteri - Feel So Young  (Late At Night)

Donal Hinely - From The Day  (Dark Horse Days)

Kelley McRae  - The Wayside  (The Wayside)

(mic break)

T Jarrod Bonta - Two Familiar Strangers  (Mr Jukebox)

Colin Linden - Luck of a Fool  (Rich In Love)

Valerie Jay - Too Bad You're No Good  (England's Calling)

The Black Lillies - 40 Days  (Hard to Please)

Left Arm Tan - Freedom Bus (Lorene)

(mic break)

Kelley McRae - All The Days That Have Come Before  (The Wayside)

Donal Hinely - I've Got A Feeling  (Dark Horse Days)

Merle Haggard - Sing Me Back Home

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Freight Train Boogie Show #338

Show #338


Parker Millsap - Pining  (The Very Last Day)

Margo Price - Hurtin' (On The Bottle) (Midwest Farmer's Daughter)

Anderson East- Keep the Fire Burning  (Delilah)

Jason Paulson - Bad Habits  (Crow River Ramble )

(mic break)

Burnell Pines - Days Gone By (Till The Day I Die)

Joan Shelley - Over and Even  (Over and Even)

Corin Raymond - Hard On Things (Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams)

Parker Millsap - Hades Pleads  (The Very Last Day)

(mic break)

Caleb Caudle - White Doves  (Carolina Ghost)

Crow and the Canyon - Waterfalls  (Leaving Soon)

Red Shahan - Men & Coyotes  (Men & Coyotes)

Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls -  Evolution Now  (A Season Undone)

Lizanne Knott - Come For The Kill  (Excellent Day)

(mic break)

Parker Millsap - Heaven Sent  (The Very Last Day)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #337

Show #337


Richmond Fontaine - Wake Up Ray (You Can't Go Back if There's Nothing To Go Back To)

Brennen Leigh - You Gotta Be Puttin' Me On (Brennen Leigh Sings Lefty Frizzell)

Jason James - Fancy Limousine  (Jason James) 

The Paisley Fields - Brooklyn Rodeo  (Oh These Urban Fences)

(mic break)

Terri Hendrix -  I'll Sing You a Story (Dreamer- A Tribute to Kent Finlay)

Eric Brace & Peter Cooper - Boat's Up The River (C&O Canal)

Sarah Pierce - Saddle Up  (Barbed Wire)

Richmond Fontaine - Tapped Out in Tulsa  (You Can't Go Back if There's Nothing To Go Back To)

(mic break) 

Sean Watkins – What To Fear (What to Fear)

Whistle Test - Black Smoke (Decorated By Love)

Bay Station - Ajax Cafe (Go Out And Make Some)

The Railsplitters -Tell Me (The Faster It Goes)

Luther Dickinson - Hurry Up Sunrise  (Blues & Ballads- A Folksinger's Songbook, Vols. 1-2)

(mic break)

Richmond Fontaine - Three Brothers Roll Into Town  (You Can't Go Back if There's Nothing To Go Back To)

Steve Young - Seven Bridges Road  (Dylan, Cash and the Nashville Cats: A New Music City)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #336

Show #336


The Brothers Comotose - Brothers  (City Painted Gold)

Carrie Rodriguez & The Sacred Hearts - Perfida (Lola)

Butch Walker - Autumn Leaves  (Afraid of Ghosts)

Matt Patershuk - Back Against The Wall  (I Was So Fond of You)

(mic break)

Walter Salas-Humara -  Commodore Peter (Work: Part One)

Jane Kramer - Your Ever-Green Heart (Carnival of Hopes)

The Pine Hill Project - Wichita  (Tomorrow You're Going)

The Brothers Comotose - City Painted Gold  (City Painted Gold)

(mic break)

Frank Solivan - Mexico  (Family, Friends & Heroes)

The Lonesome Trio - The House Song (Sung By A House)  (The Lonesome Trio)

Corin Raymond - Hard On Things  (Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams)

Danny Click - When You Cry  (Holding Up The Sun)

The Record Company -   Off the Ground  (Give It Back to You)

(mic break)

The Brothers Comotose - Valerie  (City Painted Gold)


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Freight Train Boogie Show #335

Show #335


Sarah Borges - Caught By The Rain (Good And Dirty)

8 Ball Aitken - Seven Bucks An Hour In A Chicken Suit  (8 Ball Aitken)

The Damn Quails - Out Of The Birdcage (Out of the Birdcage)

Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters -  Full Time Man (The Continental Drift)

(mic break)

Loretta Lynn (with Elvis Costello) -  Everything it Takes  (Full Circle)

Sim Ross -  When You Come 'Round  (Ohio City Songs)

Angela Easterling - Common Law Wife  (Common Law Wife)

Larry Keel - Lil Miss (Experienced)

(mic break)

Mike Jacoby -  Ready When You Are  (Northeastsouthwest)

Annette Conlon - Cedar Box  (Life, Death and the Spaces Between)

Dead Winter Carpenters - Midnight Ghost (Washoe)

Jesse Lafser - The Chores Song  (Raised On The Plains)

Malcolm Holcombe - Sweet Georgia  (Another Black Hole)

(mic break)

8 Ball Aitken - Sleepy (8 Ball Aitken)

Sarah Borges - Purple GTO  (Good And Dirty)


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Show #334


Paul Burch - Cadillacin’  (Meridian Rising)

Lindi Ortega - Ashes  (Faded Gloryville)

John Aulabaugh -  Road Less Traveled (Of Sins Present and Past)

Joey Kneiser - For The Good Life (The Wildness)

(mic break)

Bourbon Express - Which Wine Goes with My Heartache (One Big Losin’ Streak)

Jon Hatchett Band - Four in One Woman (Jon Hatchett Band)

Frank Martin Gilligan - Til It Don't Hurt Anymore (Silver Dollar)

Paul Burch - US Rte 49  (Meridian Rising)

(mic break)

Simon Linsteadt -  Time & Again (Simon Linsteadt)

Yonder Mountain String Band – I'm Lost  (Black Sheep)

Vicky Emerson -  Under My Skin Wake Me Up (When The Wind Dies Down)

Adam Klein - Radar Man  (Archer’s Arrow)

Jefferson Grizzard - Give Me A Sign  (Daydream Of Hope)

(mic break)

Paul Burch -  If I Could Only Catch My Breath  (Meridian Rising)


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Freight Train Boogie Show #333

Show #333


Birds Of Chicago -  Dim Star of the Palisades (Real Midnight)

Bob Woodruff - The Year We Tried To Kill The Pain  (The Year We Tried To Kill The Pain)

Ocean Carolina - Cry Baby Cry (Maudlin Days)

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Heal Me  (Sidelong)

(mic break)

Eric Brace & Peter Cooper - C&O Canal (C&O Canal)

Jessi McNeal - Runaway Horse  (Promised Land)

Chuck Johnson and CharlyHorse - Buddha (Barb Wire)

Birds Of Chicago - Remember Wild Horses  (Real Midnight)

(mic break)

Violet Delancey – When the Clock Strikes Midnight  (When the Clock Strikes Midnight)

Kevin Gordon - Church On Time  (Long Gone Time)

David Newbould & the Stowaways -  Standing At The Crossroads Too Long (The Devil Is His Name)

Jack Kerowax -  Violet  (Kerowax)

(mic break)

Birds Of Chicago - Time and Times  (Real Midnight)

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Freight Train Boogie Show #332

Show #332


Dori Freeman - You Say (Dori Freeman)

Stephen Kellogg - Always Gonna Want You   (South, West, North, East)

The Roseline - A Children's Game (Townie)

Grant Peeples and the Peeples Republik - Breakfast in the Gulag 
 (A Congress Of Treasons)

Alex Dezen - This Is The last Song (I'll Ever Write On This Guitar)  (Alex Dezen)

Love Love Murderpedia  (Love Love)

Lance Canales - Hich-Wyah Man  (The Blessing And The Curse)

Dori Freeman - Go On Livin' (Dori Freeman)

(mic break)

Tami Neilson - Cry Over You (Dynamite!)

Cody Jinks - Load and Heavy (Adobe Sessions)

Chuck Snow -  Bad Habits  (Death Comes for Ella Mae Pixley)

Henry Wagons - Head Or Heart  (After What I Did Last Night)

(mic break)

Gin Palace Jesters -  God Bless The Drinkin' Songs  (For Better Or For Worse)

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard - It's All Going To Pot  (Django and Jimmie)

(mic break)

Dori Freeman - Ain't Nobody (Dori Freeman)

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