Freight Train Boogie Podcasts
A weekly Americana music show featuring mostly new releases from the best indie roots artists. Permission has been granted for all of the tracks played on the Freight Train Boogie podcasts.

Show #304


Sam Outlaw - Who Do You Think You Are (Angeleno)

Claire Holley - Love In A Bowl  (Time In The Middle)

David Nelson Band - Talkin’ Back  (Once in a Blue Moon)

The Deslondes - The Real Deal (The Deslondes)

(mic break)

Danny Schmidt - Faith Will Always Rise  (Owls)

Buzz Holland - Whole Lotta Country (Late Bloomer)

Sarah Lou Richards - Mile Marker 1  (The Woman Behind The Curtain)

Sam Outlaw - Ghost Town  (Angeleno)

(mic break)

Amy Black - Get To Me (Muscle Shoals Sessions)

Cisco & Dewey -  Goodbye Little Bluebird  (Cisco & Dewey)

Jack Tempchin - The High Cost of Hate (Let's make Some Lawyers Rich) (Room To Run)

John Knutson - My Dog Jake (Shake the Blues)

(mic break)

Michael Hinckley - Hang A Black Cloth  (Hang A Black Cloth)

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard - It's All Going To Pot (Django and Jimmie)

(mic break)

Sam Outlaw - Jesus Take the Wheel (And Drive Me to a Bar) (Angeleno)


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Show #303


The Mike + Ruthy Band - Bright As You Can  (Bright As You Can)

Great Peacock - Making Ghosts  (Making Ghosts)

The Westies -  Hell's Kitchen  (West Side Stories)

Screen Door Porch - A Little More  (Modern Settler)

(mic break)

Christian Lopez Band – Seven Years (Onward)

Front Country - Like a River  (Sake Of The Sound)

Mark Utley - Four In The Morning  (Bulletville)

The Mike + Ruthy Band - Golden Eye (Bright As You Can)

(mic break)

Grant Dermody - Sun Might Shine  (Sun Might Shine on Me)

Robert Sarazin Blake - Ok, Ok, Ok  (Robt Sarazin Blake)

Eilen Jewell - Worried Mind  (Sundown Over Ghost Town)

Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley - Before the Sun Goes Down  (Before the Sun Goes Down)

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s - Me And The Whiskey  (Sonic Ranch)

(mic break)

The Mike + Ruthy Band - The Ghost of Richard Manuel  (Bright As You Can)


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Show #302


Sarah Gayle Meech – Tennessee Love Song  (Tennessee Love Song)

Woody Pines - Anything for Love (Woody Pines)

The Show Ponies - Stupid   (Run For Your Life)

Shoebox Letters - Buckle Up  (Buckle Up)

(mic break)

Mandolin Orange - Old Ties and Companions (Such Jubilee)

The Hummingbyrds - Day Drinking  (The Hummingbyrds)

Burke Long - Freedom   (Silver Queen)

Sarah Gayle Meech - No Mess  (Tennessee Love Song)

(mic break)

Woody Pines - This Train Rolls By  (Woody Pines)

Jerry Lawson - Woman In White   (Just a Mortal Man)

Hot Rize – You Were On My Mind This Morning  (When I’m Free)

Kevin Abernathy -  Moto Kids   (Ain't Learned Yet)

(mic break)

Corinne West - Give Our Ships Away (Starlight Highway)

Jake Xerxes Fussell - All In Down and Out  (Jake Xerxes Fussell)

Kenny Knight - Does He Hide (Crosswords)

(mic break)

Woody Pines - Little Stella Blue (Woody Pines)

Sarah Gayle Meech Stay Gold  (Tennessee Love Song)

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Show #301


Jimmy LaFave - The Beauty of You  (The Night Tribe)

Surrender Hill - Sunday Morning  (Surrender Hill)

Todd Adelman - Long Arm of the Law  (Highways & Lowways)

Will Hoge - Guitar or a Gun  (Small Town Dreams)

(mic break)

Adrienne Tooley - Nowhere Girl (Nowhere Girl)

Sons Of Bill - Road To Canaan  (Love & Logic)

Canebreakers - Little, Light Inside  (Frame and Floor)

Jimmy LaFave  - Trying To Get Back to You  (The Night Tribe)

(mic break)

The Revelers - Pus Whiskey (No More Whiskey) (Get Ready)

Darryl Holter – California Stars  (Radio Songs: Woody Guthrie in Los Angeles 1937-1939)

Craig Moreau -  Somebody Tell Her (The Daredevil Kid)

Kevin So - June Carter Cash (Countryside)

Rhett Miller with Black Prairie - Reasons To Live  (The Traveler)

(mic break)

Jimmy LaFave  - The Roads of The Earth  (The Night Tribe)


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(May 29th, 2015)

Bill Frater

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Show #300


Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell - The Traveling Kind  (The Traveling Kind)

Songs From The Road Band - Traveling Show  (Traveling Show)

Don Pedigo - The Spirit of Jimmy Reed  (The Cross Eyed Sessions)

Todd Grebe & Cold Country - Luckiest Man Here on Earth  (Citizen)

(mic break)

Shelby Lynne  - I Can’t Imagine  (I Can’t Imagine)

Pete Rubens - Sweet Talkin'  (Sweet Talkin’)

Reverend Freakchild -  All I got is Now (Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues)

Banditos –  Still Sober (After All These Beers) (Banditos)

(mic break)

The Honey Dewdrops - Low Lands  (Tangled Country)

MilkDrive - Bad Girl  (Places You’ve Not Been)

Ron Sexsmith - Is Anybody Going to San Antone  (Carousel One)

The Malpass Brothers - I Found Someone To Love  (The Malpass Brothers)

(mic break)

Charlie Parr - Over the Red Cider (Stumpjumper)

The Grahams - Kansas City (Glory Bound)

(mic break)

Darrell Scott 
 Country Music, I'm Talking to You (10: Songs of Ben Bullington)


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(May 22nd, 2015)

Bill Frater



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Show #299


John Moreland - Heart's Too Heavy  (High on Tulsa Heat)

Mandy Rowden - Borrowed Time (These Bad Habits)

New American Farmers – Just a Note (The Farmacology Sessions)

Chuck Hawthorne  - Silver Line  (Silver Lining)

(mic break)

Sugarcane Jane - San Andreas  (Dirt Road's End)

Dan Weber - Oh Woody  (What I'm Lookin' For)

Annie Lou - It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song  (Tried and True)

The Mallett Brothers Band - Late Night in Austin (Lights Along the River)

John Moreland - Sad Baptist Rain  (High on Tulsa Heat)

(mic break)

Clarence Bucaro - Like the 1st Time  (Like the 1st Time)

Dana Sipos - My Beloved  (Roll Up The Night Sky)

Casey Berry - Long Way Down  (Long Way Down)

T Ferrell - Plant Corn Early!  (Southerly)

(mic break)

John Moreland - Cleveland County Blues  (High on Tulsa Heat)

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Show #298


The Honeycutters - Jukebox  (Me Oh My)

Sam Lewis - ¾ Time  (Waiting On You)

Scott MacLeod -  Never Too Late  (Flicker and Fade)

Richie Furay - We Were the Dreamers  (Hand In Hand)

(mic break)

Leaf Rapids - Virtual Machine  (Lucky Stars)

John Neilson - End of the Road  (Tomorrow Comes The Spring)

Reed Foehl - Steal Away  (Lost in The West)

The Honeycutters - Edge Of The Frame  (Me Oh My)

(mic break)

Sam Lewis - Love Me Again  (Waiting On You)

Lee Ann Womack -  When I Come Around  (The Way I’m Livin’)

Damngivers - Daddy Knows  (Everything's Jake)

Vic Ruggiero - Mean and Nasty  (This)

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers -Only Always (Loved Wild Lost)

(mic break)

The Honeycutters - Not That Simple  (Me Oh My)

Sam Lewis - Little Time (Waiting On You)


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(May 7th, 2015)

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Show #297


Ray Wylie Hubbard - Chick Singer, Badass Rockin’  (The Ruffian's Misfortune)

LL Cooper - Miserable Troubadour  (Dust Devil)

The Kennedys - West  (West)

The Boxmasters -You'll Be Lonely Tonight  (Somewhere Down The Road)

(mic break)

Dayna Kurtz - It's How You Hold Me  (Rise And Fall)

Jonathan Byrd – Starlight  (You Can’t Outrun the Radio)

The Lonesome Heroes - Sunshine Come  (Can't Stand Still)

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Mr. Musselwhite’s Blues  (The Ruffian's Misfortune)

(mic break)

Joel Rafael - Old Portland Town (Baladista)

Hardin Burns - Blooming  (Down the Deep Well)

Dom Flemons -  Hot Chicken  (Prospect Hill)

William Elliott Whitmore - Healing to Do  (Radium Death)

(mic break)

The Easy Leaves - Fresno  (Fresno)

Angaleena Presley - Pain Pills  (American Middle Class)

Dan Montgomery -  Audrey and Hank  (Sin, Repent, Repeat)

(mic break)

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Barefoot in Heaven  (The Ruffian's Misfortune)

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Show #296


Grant Langston - Breaking Hearts (Hope You're Happy Now)

Liz Longley - You've Got That Way  (Liz Longley)

Rose's Pawn Shop - Town Crier (Gravity Well)

The Nields - Love Love Love (XVII)

(mic break)

The Steel Wheels - We've Got a Fire  (Leave Some Things Behind)

Tommy Talton - The Man From Down Near Waco   (Until After Then)

Eileen Rose - Queen of the Fake Smile  (Be Many Gone)

Grant Langston - - I Work Too Hard  (Hope You're Happy Now)

(mic break)

Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem - Heart of The World  (Violets Are Blue)

Kelly Pardekooper - Compromise  (Milk in Sunshine)

Southern Hospitality - Mile After Mile (Easy Livin’)

(mic break)

Seahorse - Tyndall Rose (The Fire’s Heart)

Laney Jones - Livin' For Today  (Golden Road)

Magic Kramer - Let The Punishment Fit The Crime  (American)

(mic break)

Grant Langston - Don't You Dare  (Hope You're Happy Now)


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(April 18th, 2015)

Bill Frater

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Show #295


Feufollet - Tired of Your Tears  (Two Universes)

Humming House - Freight Train  (Revelries)

Jubal Lee Young - Texas Pirate Radio  (On A Dark Highway)

Willy Porter - Freedom  (Human Kindness)

(mic break)

Tillamook Burn - Corrina  (Tillamook Burn)

Keith Greeninger - Hop In the Truck  (Soul Connection)

Curtis McMurtry - Whiskey Sweat  (Respectable Enemy)

Humming House - Nuts, Bolts, and Screws   (Revelries)

(mic break)

Feufollet - Pris Dans La Vie Farouche  (Two Universes)

Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers -Walk of Angeline  (Walk With Me)

Tod Hughes Project - Follow Your Heart (Changing Gears)

(mic break)

Doug Adamz - High Roller  (Doug Adamz Plays National Steel)

Caroline Rose - I Will Not Be Afraid  (I Will Not Be Afraid)

JD McPherson - Let The Good Times Roll   (Let The Good Times Roll)

(mic break)

Feufollet - Red Light  (Two Universes)

Humming House - Run With Me   (Revelries)



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(April 11th, 2015)

Bill Frater

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